PHD’s dedicated Engineering Group, Unlimited Unique Solutions®, meets unique requests by designing and building unique solutions based on your requirements.

  • Customer-driven solutions to meet application-specific needs
  • PHD’s database includes more than 35,000 existing unique designs
  • With 150,000 quotes in the database, most quotes are sent the same day
  • Oftentimes, unique solutions are delivered faster than a competitor’s standard product
  • PHD does not require a minimum of quantity or frequency of order

Because of our wide variety of actuators, options, and accessories, nearly every standard PHD unit is manufactured to order. Our factory capabilities allow us to modify standard products within our everyday processes, and producing a unique solution is simple and fast.

Do you have an application with a specific need?

We can provide assistance in building your unique solution and obtaining a quote.

What is an ML or C number?

An ML or C number is given to a special unit at PHD that was uniquely made to our customer’s specifications. PHD is proud to offer our customers variations of our standard product range. Whatever your application, PHD is likely to have your solution already in our database of over 35,000 MLs!