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We have OEM equipment that uses PHD: CDR3U 63x3/4-BB-T44 cylinders. Due to the amount of use and quantity, we rebuild cylinders often with kit# CDR3U 63x3/4-BB-T44-H9010 or CDR3U 63x3/4-BB-T44-H9000. My bench tech often struggles getting the cup seal to slide past the flats at the top of the shaft. The cup seal tends to catch the lip caused by the flats, and tears or flips out. Do you make an adapter tool to allow the seal to slide past the edge caused by the flats? Is there a technique that could be helpful? Thank you
We do use a special tool (we call it a "bullet") to install the bushings.
However, from our experience in building, we know there are a few other ways to install the bushing over the rod flats. You can use a “pick” to walk the seal around
Around the flats. If such an aid is used, make sure it’s not too sharp of a point or you risk puncturing the seal. Ideally you want a rounded tip. Our assembly supervisor has used a small flathead screwdriver to aid him in the past.

You can also sometimes work the bushing left and right in a twisting fashion and
Gently put pressure down as you spin to work it past the flats. A combination
Of pick and twisting may be needed.

Hope this helps.
I have a 9800-01-0400-PNP module that is acting up. With a part gripped, the output is flickering and causing downtime. It flickers, then is stays solid for a few seconds, then is flickers and goes off for a few seconds. Very random behavior. The output is B2. B1 is on all the time, so that tells me that the Hall sensor is sending position information. We do not want to adjust the position as it has been running for quite some time without this issue. What can we try to troubleshoot this problem? Hello. Thank you for contacting us. What is the part number the module device is for?
The issue could be that the switch has come loose during regular use, or perhaps there could be a short in the B2 side of the circuit that''s causing it to flake. We would suggest that you realign the switch per the the instructions included with your actuator. Another thing to look at is to make sure there isn''t any wire that is pulled out, or stretched, or exposed that could be causing this. If you need additional help, please contact us at the customer service number 800-624-8511 and we can assist you.
I need to replace a PHD Tom Thumb cylinder #SCAVRF 1X5-DR-P. Please tell us your zip code and we will tell you who your distributor is. 7/19/2019
I need to replace a PHD Tom Thumb cylinder #SCAVRF 1X5-DR-P. Please contact your distributor for pricing and availability. 7/19/2019
We have the GRM2TS-2-75-75 grippers, the screw that holds the piston on the rods break all the time. I did see some of the other grippers like this it is required to have the stop blocks on the gripper. Our guys do not run them. Should they be using the stop blocks? We suggest contacting your distributor and have them evaluate your application. 4/18/2019
We currently have an EH series hydraulic cylinder, 3/4" bore, double end rod. Is the Piston/Rod one piece or multiple pieces? If multiple, how are they fastened - (threaded, pinned, anaerobic adhesive, etc.). Thanks! It''s threaded into the piston and locked into place with adhesive. 3/19/2019
Hi, I'm planning on using 2 slides (SMB116x5) as a system. These 2 slides will be parallel to each other and will carry a load between them. I tried the online sizing tool, but it's only for 1 slide. How would you recommend doing engineering calculation in this situation? The tool recommends me to use a different type of slide (SG series). Can you tell me the mechanical different between them? THanks From our engineers:

"The most simplistic way to do it is to size a single slide using half the load and neglecting offsets in direction that are now supported. Technically there is more to it than that, but if the load is centered between them then that will work well enough."

You could always call in to our applications department for a more detailed answer and assistance.
Good afternoon. I have a question on your GRA line of grippers. I recently completed a rebuild of the unit using one of your rebuild kits, When I completed the rebuild and assembly the gripper finger was very loose and had play in them. I ordered and replaced the driver I believe is what it is called and the brass set screws. There is still play in the gripper fingers. My question is what could be the cause of this issue and how do I resolve it? Thank you in advance. Steve H. From our engineers:

"Have you removed or loosened the bearing screws in the initial rebuild as we note in the rebuild procedures ( not to do so. Those may need tightened, or if it’s a size 6 the body fasteners may need tightened as well. If you can tighten those and still see excessive jaw play, it would be best to get back on RGA.
What is PHD's general product return policy for the PHD 63100 Stamps, please? Products must be in like new condition and be returned within 6 months for non-warranty items. Warranty items must be returned within 12 months from date code. 1/2/2018
Bought 3 RFS 120x180-PB-AB and on the first one installed on the machine, I can't regulate the rotation speed. It either slams back and forth, or if I lower air with the included fittings, it will not finish its rotation one way and throw off the machine cycle. Do I have a faulty unit? Have not tested the other 2 because the first one is not working. Hello, I recommend trying the other two to see if all three share consistent operation. If the others do not share the same as the first, then we can review the initial to see if there is a defect. 6/19/2017
CAN YOU SUGGEST PNEUMATIC CYLINDER FOR CLAMPING APPLICATION OPERATING AT +180 DEGREE CENTIGRADE AMBIENT. CYLINDER SIZES WILL BE FROM DIA. 50 TO 100 AND STROKE UPTO 200 MM PHD recommend the GRC or GRR series of grippers. We can modify the existing design to have high temperature capabilities. 5/22/2017
I recently installed a MR13RF2180X2-PL-DC and I could not set the downward cushion. It seemed to not work intermittently. It slams down 20% of the time. Is this unit defective or can I fix this issue? Hello Patrick, I reviewed historical data and see Promega ordered two different units. The number listed in the question does not match the most recent order. The cause of the problem could be the unit does not have the cushion option for the retract position. 11/21/2016
We have gripper 19170-2-5041 and we have problems with the 55823 sensor mounting brackets that attach to the side of the gripper to read open?close, I am trying to find those for repair when seal go out, Where can I find those brackets Kit numbers are found on the 191 gripper product information.
Need alignment coupling marked "312" 5/16-24 Male to 5/16-24 female. Not to be found in catalog, how do I order? PHD number 312 is found in the PHD Series Cylinders A, AV, HV Tie Rod Hydraulic & Pneumatic NFPA Cylinder catalog section.

You can determine who your distributor is by going to and entering your zip code at your location.
hi im looking for 3D cads of these parts numbers AVL1x2-P-D-M:17502-2-06:17000-32-5 AV series BS061X6-D-M Slider could you help me with that thank you best regards At the website, under E-Tools, is a link to a CAD App that allows users to configure CAD models. 4/21/2016
When using your PB series clamps (brand new) I get stroke variation on tripping the cylinder sensors used and it is right at the end of stroke either clamped or unclamped. When adjusted it may stay for a couple of strokes, couple of hours, or couple of days and I have tried changing the orientation both to and opposite from instructions found on your website. What might be wrong? All PHD products tested against PHD switches. If other brands of switches are used, PHD cannot guarantee the performance of the switch with the PHD product. 3/18/2016
We are currently setting up new attachment for an existing machine and are planning on using an old part from your company. The problem I am having is that I cannot find the proper make, model, and size from your database. It is a phd INC. product and the information on the sticker is ML-24145H, AMP #818251-1-C, 545333, and 906 in it. I have tried everything I can think of to get the information needed, but I just don't know what else to do. Is there anyway you could provide this information for me? Hello, From the information you provided the PHD part number is ML24145. This unit is a custom design for a specific application, because of this we do not publish the data on the website. I can tell you the unit is based off of PHD part number AB 1 1/8 X 5 1/2, 1/2 ROD -B-G-R. The custom features are the unit has a one piece piston rod with 2 flats at the exposed rod end and the unit uses a head from the AV series.
If you need more information please contact FPE Automation @ 314-842-0881.
We currently use the 1-8000 series 180degree hydraulic rotary actuator wth P &D controls for our metal casting Rollovers. Our issue is we seem to have trouble eliminating a bounce on the downward stroke at a speed of 4seconds ,damping cushioning is nearly a lottery some work others don't and some blow seals straight away once installed . How can we eliminate our bounce as it is causing high scrap rate. Hello, Based off the information provided we are unable to provide a response. If you can send more application information to we will review and provide feedback.
Thank you.
We have been using an old part of yours, ML-30567. It features a 5/8 x 8 rod that doesn't seem to be available in your current catalog. Any ideas to help us? The 1/2 rod had tremendous problems with breakage of the rod end and/or the insert we were using, but the 5/8 rod allows enough strength to avoid that issue. All PHD part numbers beginning with "ML" are unique solution units designed for specific applications. ML30567 falls under this category. Subsequently PHD does not list all ML numbers in the product information.
If you are need or require additional information please contact a PHD distributor. You can determine who your distributor is by going to and entering your zip code for your location.
What are the tolerances associated with the mounting holes on the PEC44 ARM OVER CLAMP FOR ASSEMBLY AND WELDING? +-0.025" 5/4/2015
I have a rotary actuator that stopped working in my classroom. I tried taking it apart and I ran into some issues as I don't know how it works. Is there anyway I can get a spec sheet for a 018751-1-01 rotary actuator. I am running into issues with it because it is a very old model and I can't find anything on it. The only connection I have is that it is labeled as a phd products. An exploded view can be found by reviewing our parts lists catalog. The website location is: 3/24/2015
There is a cylinder made by PHDINC in our machine. I can find the information on the label is: AU2B 1 3/8X1 1/2X 1/4 109561 70-01 1 1410 Could you please provide me the specification of this cylinder, Or tell me how can I find it in website database? Thanks. The correct part number for your PHD cylinder is AV2B 1 3/8 X 1 1/2 X 1/4.
The PHD serial number for the part is 10956170.
This is series AV2 back-to-back cylinder with a 1-3/8" bore.
Information for this product can be found at
LOOKING FOR ALIGNMENT COUPLING. FOR METRIC CRS6U 40. M8 X 1.25MM PHD part number is M8 11/20/2014
I am looking for a switch bracket for a 3/4" bore cylinder. The part number I have 17000-31 is obsolete and I would like to know the replacement for that switch bracket. Thank you. pt #17000-31-5 8/11/2014
What is the material of the cable jacket on your quick disconnect series 17523-2 switches? poly urathane 7/22/2014
will adding a rodlok device cause the CVA cyl to lose some stroke length ? if i order a 10 in stroke with a rodlok will it still be 10 inch or less because of the rodlok? The Rodlok device will add to the units overall length; however, it has no impact on the stroke length. The unit will be fabricated with a larger p&r assembly to accommodate the extra length of the Rodlok.
Can you supply a dis-assembly/assembly instruction manual for an MA11 multi-motion actuator? WE DO HAVE AND EXPLODED VIEW ON OUR WEB SITE BUT NOT STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR ASSISTANCE 9/17/2013
I have a qty 7931-02-1101 gripper with hall effect switches on loader. One gripper works fine. The other we are having a problem getting the switches set for open and close. question I have is there a difference between the these 2 switches 1 - 15902-1 1303 1 - 15902-1 1305 NO DIFFERENCE- YOU MAY HAVE A DEFFECTIVE SWITCH--SEND BACK FOR EVALUATION 9/13/2013
I have a brand new R11A-8-180-PA that only rotates about 170 degrees with the angle adjust ment all the way out. What could the problem be? I will continue looking for a maintenance document but so far I haven't found one on your website. tHE RACK AND PINION TEETH COULD BE ENGAGED IMPROPERLY. bEST TO SEND IT BACK TO US FOR EVALUATION 9/4/2013
The 67904-1-02 was discontinued. It was replaced by the JC1SDP-K switch. It drops in all applications where the switch mounts to a slot. On the GRF and GRS grippers, new brackets will be needed, what is the part No. for that bracket????? The bracket kits were updated so the same kit number would be used. The difference is that we now have a fastener to locate the bracket. 6/27/2013
I am in need of a Tom Thumb accessory for cylinder AP 3/4 x 1-1/2B, specifically the clevis part number 1-1076-1. Can you provide this part? Can you provide a dimensional drawing of it? Thanks for your consideration. - Clark Slade The 1-1076-01 is an old part number. It has been replaced by part 12901 11/4/2012
Is switch part number 67904-1-02 still valid or what is the alternate part number. Thanks for your help. Hi, The 67904-1-02 was discontinued. It was replaced by the JC1SDP-K switch. It drops in all applications where the switch mounts to a slot. On the GRF and GRS grippers, new brackets will be needed.

More info on JC1 switches.
Is there a certain type of lubricant we should be useing on our slide? RHEOLUBE 363F 1/9/2012
I have CV series 100 mm bore 18 inch stroke cylinder. What are the lubrication requirements for these cylinders. I know on some pneumatic components if you never put oil in them they do not need oil from an FRL, but once you start putting oil in them you have to keep on. What are the recommended procedures? The CV cylinder, as with most PHD products, is lubed for life. This is designed to be used with clean dry air. As stated, if you do add oil to the FRL you will need to make sure this does not go empty or the unit will run dry. 11/11/2011
What is the typical lead time for a slide? Lets assume 1.5" bore and 12" stroke SD/SE slide. 4 days. 6/3/2011
Where can I get a CER125x1-x10 rodless cylinder? Or is there a replacement for it? Thanks No longer available 5/25/2011
Dear Sirs I have been trying to find information on your rod end self alignmeng couplings, but your website does not seem to include the information. How do I navigate to rod end couplings? See page 1-85 in our A-AV-HV section of our catalog 5/4/2011
We use the GRW13-1-25x53 on all our transfer units and I would like to know how long it should take a qulified repairman to rebuild one of these units with your repair kit number
GRW13-1-25X53-H9010 and what parts come in the kit.
30 minutes 12/8/2010
Is there a recommended cylcle limit for rebuild or replacement of the Series 1000-8000 Multi Motion Actuators. 5-10 million cyls for seal replacement 10/15/2010
I have some 53624 hall switches with quick disconnects. Is that part # still valid and what is the part # for a 5m quick connect lead for the switch as well? Thank you The correct model number would be the 53624-1. The -1 designates the design number. This switch uses the 63549-05 cable. 7/28/2010
My company used to purchase a PHD Soft Start Valve. I am having problems locating this or any type of replacement. The part number we used to order is 8201-01-07-0-1-2. Is there anything that replaces this or is there a rebulid kit available? This is now pt# ML23734 --Contact your local Distributor for price and Availability 6/30/2010
We have a Tom Thumb series DHV (double rod end) cylinder, 3" stroke, 1- 1/8 Bore, R-MR1 Mounting that is leaking. Please, inform Repair Kit P/N. tHE REPAIR KIT IS PT# DHVR11/8X3-H9010 , PRICE IS $113.50 LIST(REPAIR KIT INCLUDES 2 HEAD ASSEMBLIES ). A NEW COMPLETE UNIT IS $146.85 LIST 6/29/2010
WHAT IS THE PART NUMBER AND QUOTE OF KIT REPAIR FOR CYLINDER MODEL AVP1-1/8 X 2 Pt# for repair kit is AVP 11/8x2-H9010 5/26/2010
what is the seal kit for cylinder AVF 1 1/8 X2-E 3416-25-1 2/25/2010
I have a part number 175-33-00-02 and can't find it on your web site, what would be the new part number for this item? PT#17533-00-02 HAS BEEN REPLACED BY 63549-02 2/19/2010
I have a 17509-1-06 switch. What is the replacement switch for this? 17509-3-06 11/17/2009
Often should I change the oil in the actuator tandem 2000? The oil does not need to be changed 11/11/2009
Do I need a seal lubricant when rebuilding a PHD AVRF13/8x3/4-P-D cylider? If so, what do you recommend? All A,AV units are lubricated with Magna-Lube G 9/15/2009
I have a prox switch with #13109 with a 02 under it. I
can't find it on your web site. What do you recomend as a replacement?
The 13109-02-6 is an old AC Reed Switch (still available but costs more). You should attempt to use a 17509-3-06 switch and a new bracket in it's place. 4/28/2009
Where can I find pneumatic schematic symbols and examples of plumbing for your products? The pneumatic symbols are shown in the product index in the catalog in different colors. Plumbing schematics are only shown in the cataog for multi-position units 4/10/2009
Does PHD offer 2 position programmable switches? PHD recently released the JC1 Series switches. These switches have a programmable version which can sense 2 positions. You can find more information in the JC Switch Catalog. 4/3/2009
I have a sensor part #17502-1-06 that needs replacing, but when I try to find it on your website, nothing comes up. Is this sensor still available or is their an alternative? The design number has changed. The correct part number is 17502-2-06. 2/24/2009
Can you supply me the hydraulic plumbing instructions for a R11-H-6-180-P-S rotary actuator. Can I get by with one solenoid for each direction (two) or does this style require four? We do not have any published schematics, but it is quite easy. You can use one valve if you "Tee" the top right and bottom left ports together and the top left and bottom right ports. 2/17/2009
I don't know if the part I'm looking for is a New, Standard, or Classic product. What's the best way to find it? The quickest way to locate your part is to use the Search box in the upper right corner of each page. As an example, if you are looking for the 7900 gripper, just type 7900 in the Search box. Two featured links will offer you a choice of either the 7900 Angular or 7900 Parallel Gripper.
How do I find Replacement Parts? Parts can be found as a tab under each Product Series. For a complete explanation, see our Replacement Parts page
I'm using an AT&T Sierra Wireless AirCard to connect the Internet from my laptop and I'm having problems using your Sizing Software. Any advice? Yes, PHD's Sizing software refreshes the screen to calculate accurate results at all times, but on a slower connection like this you have the option to calculate on demand. Turn off the check box under Controls in the lower left-hand corner of the Sizing screen which says "Auto-Calculate." This will prevent PHD's Sizing software from refreshing each time you enter an Application Input number. Once you enter all of your choices, click the Calculate button for your results.
I'm looking for Tandem Oil. The part # is 17811. PHD no longer sells Tandem Oil. It can be purchased through Distributors of oils and lubricants. It was Amaco Rycon #32 (it may be distributed by Chevron now). 1/12/2009
Where can I find catalog info on an older tom thumb escapement model #13610-1-0102 ? Thanks for your help. Catalog info is no longer available. A comparable unit (but not drop in) would be the 16020-2-0102. 11/18/2008
I have been trying to use your website to find a part number for a cylinder rebuild kit for a slide with the part number of SGD13x9 3/4-E-4. Cylinder # 02478999-17. I would appreciate any help that you can provide. Cylinder rebuild kit for old design SGD is part # 58055-1 10/28/2008
I am looking for information on the flexible / retractable slide or shaft cover material. If I'm not mistaken it folds against itself like an accordion. Sounds like you're looking for Bellows. This is not something PHD sells as a standard product. We do business with and they should be able to help you. 10/22/2008
I can not find Part Number 0180752-1-01 in your catolog. Where can I find information on this item? The 0180752-1-01 is a miniature rotary actuator. We have moved this to our classic products to make room for newer products. That model is still supported and can be found under the classic section of our website. 9/25/2008
We have some cylinders that I need to replace (SB04 4X3 J2-R2). What is the equivalent model now? Parts and replacement units for the old design SB series are still supported on an "in stock availability" basis, and out of stock items can usually be made as a custom product. The SB044x3 has been superceeded by the new design SxH/SxL series. The closest new design to your existing one would be SBH120X3-J4-M.

All mounting interfaces have remained the same, however two words of caution - some external dimensions have changed slightly so if in a confined space area or other dimension critical area you will want to confirm there are no conflicting dimensional interferences. And if using switches, the old design slide used externally mounted proximity switches, the new design uses an internal magnet, slot mounted switch arrangment so a switch change may be needed.
I have an obsolete Tom Thumb cylinder (TS08 2x7x1-A-D-E-H4-J2-N) and I need to find a suitable replacement. Do you have a comparable model, one with the same dimensions and mounting? The TS08 slide is still supported by PHD, we offer complete units, spare parts and rebuilding services for this model. Information on the T Series slide can be found in the "Classic" section of our website. 9/17/2008
I need a linear actuator to open (withdraw or rotate) a rigid lightweight shutter that has briefly blocked an upward jet of liquid cryogen (nitrogen or propane) so that shutter opening (the traverse velocity of the shutter edge) unblocks the full 6-7 mm diameter of the cryogen stream in 1-2 ms. This will let the cryogen stream engulf and very rapidly freeze a muscle fiber about 2 mm above the shutter so the muscle can subsequently be examined by fiber x-ray cryo-diffraction and thin-section electron microscopy. The shutter edge should reach the 3-6 mm/ms opening velocity after the body of the shutter has traversed ~20 mm or less from zero starting position. Can one or more of your actuators deliver such a rapid start, acceleration and final velocity? This question would be best handled through our application engineering department. If you prefer to e-mail them, they can be contacted at

I will forward this on to the appropriate people and you should be contacted shortly.
We have a SFM cylinder with 2 mid stops. I have never used your cylinders before and I am unsure how the logic should be to stop at the mid stops. Is there a suggested sequence to fire the solenoids for the four different positions? Please refer to the safe operation section of our SFM brochure (PDF format). 3/18/2008
Questions on your SFM slide with mid-stop actuator.

1. Is the repeatability of the mid-stop the same as end-stop (stated to be +/- 40 microns in catalog, from original position)?

2. The Cad configurator will not allow me to put 2 mid-stops with a 100mm slide travel. I'm not clear as to the reason as it seems they will fit? I am looking for only one mid-stop position, but need it to be the same position in extend and retract mode, therefore was considering one mid-stop for extend and another for retract to achieve the same position. Please let me know if this is possible or if there is another way to achieve this?
The SFM slide is designed with shock absorbers on either side of the stop on the saddle. The travel on the shock absorbers offsets the width of the mid-stop actuator. One mid-stop actuator will stop in the same mid position. 1/7/2008
Do you have a training program? PHD offers comprehensive training programs for all PHD Employees and PHD Distributors. Other training sessions have been designed for Customers, based upon their specific needs. Customer based training can run the range from simple 'lunch-n-learn' opportunities for engineers and designers to in-house, product specific maintenance and repair sessions. For more information contact your PHD Distributor.
What is the major difference between hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders? The major difference is the Hydraulic cylinder is rated up to 1500 psi and is operated using a hydraulic fluid. The pneumatic is rated up to 150 psi and is operated using compressed air. Please refer to PHD's online catalog for all the specs.

I have a PHD Tom Thumb cylinder but the information on the label does not tell me the specs on it. The number is ML-22764-B and my question to you is what type of cylinder does this match up with so I can reorder it through my distributor? I'm assuming it is some kind of NEAG but I'm not sure. This unit must be ordered using the ML22764 number.

This is a Unique Solutions product made up of the standard unit NEAGMF1 1 1/8 X 1 1/2 -D-M-P with Dual Mount. Ordering by the standard part number will not get you the correct model.
I have many 17522-1 sensors with male quick disconnects pigtails. I am in need of the matching female cables. I checked your catalogue on switches and it shows a M8-1 thread. The pigtails on the switches I have, there is no thread but what looks to be a captive type connector.Is there a cable for this? The 63549-xx Quick Connect Cordsets will fit the old series design but not very securely. If there is alot of vibration in your application, we would suggest some means that would keep the connection secure. 5/14/2007
What is the residual leakage current on a model 67904-1 solid state switch. Per our supplier, the maximum leakage current (when the sensor is off) for the solid state 6790 switches is 10 microamperes. 5/2/2007
I'm looking at a part # 3406-02-1 port control kit, I think this is what i need but I can't find a picture of this on your website. Part #3406-02-1 is a port control kit for a 1" or 1 1/8" bore cylinder or 1-2000 series rotaty actuator. 4/3/2007
I was given the model number SEC23X14-AE-BR-DB for a PHD actuator but can't find it on your website. The number given is a valid part number. It is considered a slide and complete information can be found on the Series SD/SE section of our website. 3/28/2007
I have a cylinder model SB02 2X1 and am being told it is not made anymore. Do you offer a newer model in its place? PHD has improved that model. It is now refered to as the SxL/SxH model on our website under slides.

The equivalent model number for your unit is SBH110 x 1.

If you spec that number per the dimensions page on the website you'll find all mounting is the same. However there are some cosmetic differences, which again you'll note per the dimensions.

PHD now uses better seals, added provisions for internal magnets and went to a new extrusion which allows for longer strokes as a standard product.

Please contact your local distributor to order.
We currently run different types of PHD slides and were wanting to install soft stops. Does PHD supply soft stops? We offer stops for several slides. When ordered with the stops our units are adjusted for the additional space required for the shock pad. Adding shock pads may take 1/4 of an inch off of your stroke on retract and more so on extend since collars need to be added. It may require changing the piston and rod assembly and the guide shafts. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more application specific solutions. 2/2/2007
We are using (2) 17503-2-06 reed switches with an MS062x4-M-V slide and they are working very intermittently. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? You have a 17503 switch, which is a Hall switch. But you have an M option on your slide, which is a Reed switch option. Therefore, you should use the 17502-2-06 series switch. The 17503 series will not work correctly with the M option. 1/30/2007
I'd like to understand more about lubrication and maintenance of a 16014-2 Escapement. Does the escapement require constant lubrication during use or is the escapement pre-lubed at the factory? If the escapement is prelubed, then I would assume it is recommended the unit be lubed again at 5 million cycles, correct? With respect to field maintenance, what is the recommended interval for this, and is a kit available containing all of the parts required for the rebuild. Also, what skills are required to do the rebuild? These units are prelubricated at the factory and should not need relubricated until approximately 5 million cycles. At 5 million cycles they should be relubricated and inspected. Seal kits are available. Skills needed would be minimal. Use of allen wrenches and torque wrenches would be necessary to rebuild the units. 11/6/2006
Is there a rebuild kit for model AVF1X1/4-PC? I need a part number for the kit. Basic cyl repair kit # is AVF1X1/4-PC-H9010 and the port control(PC) is 3406-02-1. 11/2/2006
We use the PHD actuator 0180752-1-01. This model has 2 flow controls to allow for the adjustment of the cushion at end of stroke in either rotary direction. Our problem is with setting these units up, we use 50psi feeds and wish for a 90 deg max stroke, with the last 45 deg to slow a fair amount. We set the stops and lock them where we need them, but setting the cushion seem to be extremely hit and miss. Can you send me detailed instructions on how to set these up. These units do not have cushions. They only have flow control needles which regulate the overall rotation speed. 10/27/2006
We have a problem with a small hall switch (part number 17524-2). The problem is that with a short cylinder (ie: 1 1/4 inches), the motion of the piston is not enough to cause the switch to actuate properly. Effective minimal working stroke on solid state switches in a 3/4 in bore unit is .625 in. For more information, please see our catalog. 10/11/2006
I have a sensor part #17000-33-5, but when I try to find it on your website, nothing comes up. The tag also says 17502-2-06. Part #17502-2-06 is a Reed Switch with 6 ft cable.
Part #17000-33-5 is a plastic bracket for the 1 1/8 inch bore cylinders, used for the 1750 series switch.
What would an application be for a hall effect cylinder sensor? Way not just use a standard inductive type cylinder switch? The Hall-effect switch uses a solid-state sensor to detect the presence of a magnet attached to the piston through the aluminum cylinder wall. This is a very common approach and can be accomplished with a variety of sensor technologies such as Hall-effect, magnetoresistive (MR), and giant magnetoresistive (GMR). Some companies refer to this technique as "magnetic induction". Regardless of the name, all of these share the common feature of sensing a moving magnet. Generally, the magnet is attached to the piston, but it can be located on any component that moves when the piston cycles.

There is an alternate technique, often employed on hydraulic units with steel cylinder walls. Since a magnetic field does not easily pass through the steel cylinder walls, these units use an inductive sensor that detects metal instead of a magnetic field. These sensors generally use an internal oscillator and coil to detect the presence of metal near the end of the sensor. The sensors are mounted perpendicularly in the head and cap of the cylinder and sense the cushion stud or a turned shoulder at either side of the piston.

For cylinders with aluminum construction, the magnetic piston approach generally provides a lower cost, more compact sensing arrangement.
I have a Bill of Materials listed with a PHD Hall Switch # 7518-02-12. Is this product still available? If not, can you provide a direct replacement? This Hall Effect Switch is available. Please order from your local distributor. 9/6/2006
I am using a PHD cordset part # 63549-05 with a PHD compact proximity switch part # 17524-2 and I would like to know if PHD makes a cordset that is coiled like a cord for a telephone hand set. PHD does not provide coiled cordsets for our switches. However you may contact Hershman electrical products to see if they have what you need. 6/13/2006
Could you give me the specific bolt patterns for a SEB slide 23x3, and a SEC slide 25x6? Is there a specific pattern you need? We have the mounting on the body and also the tool plate. You can view the standard dimensions on our website, but if you require tolerances please contact PHD Customer Service and provide them with exact bolt hole patterns you are requesting. 6/6/2006
Where I can get the dimensions for Tom Thumb Rod Coupler model 500? This can be found in the Options area of the AV Cylinder section of our Main Catalog under "Self-Aligning Piston Rod Couplers." This can also be found on our website .
I have a connector that has been stripped out. This connector screws onto a cylinder. The only part number I have is "750". Can you help me find this part? This part is located in the Options area of the AV Cylinder section of our Main Catalog under "Self-Aligning Piston Rod Couplers." This can also be found on our website .
I have a part on a machine, that I need to replace, but have no idea what it is. The part number on the part is hard to read but looks like P400603VV. It also has #107 below the first number. It also has the name PHD Tom Thumb, Fort Wayne Indiana. Please help me identify this part and point me to where I can find it on your website. The item you are referring to is a P40C-603-VV which has been discontinued as a standard item. You can still, however, contact your distributor to have the item quoted by our PHD Unlimited Unique Solutions team. 5/20/2006
What is the design no. in the GRD141-1 gripper? On some models a design number can signify if the unit is imperial or metric by either a 1 or a 5. However, some gripper units (including the GRD) only offer imperial. The design number also represents the revision level of the product. If a significant change is made to the original design of the product, the design number would change from 1 to 2. 4/4/2006
What oils should be used in the Air/Oil Tandem Rotary Actuators? PHD tandem units should use the following
OIL TYPE: Paraffinic Petroleum Oil
VISCOSITY: 150-160 SSU at 100˚ F
VISCOSITY INDEX: 110 minimum
Do you still provide magnets for magneto resistive switches on your CRS compact cylinders? I have a (old?) catalog that offers a choice of Magneto resistive switches or Miniature Reed switches, but on your website or when downloading a CAD model, it looks like I can only have Miniature Reed switches. The new design CRS and CTS now use a different type of switch. They use a series JC1 switch which is available in Solid State and a 6790 for AC Reed applications. Our new design has a magnet, which can trigger both styles of switches. The -M option will trigger both Reed and Solid State Switches. 3/17/2006
Which magnetoresistive or hall effect sensors can I use on a SGBM35xXX slide? My catalog (CAT-03) lists a 72304-02 which I cannot find online. The 2003 catalog is correct in the switch call out. The Series SGxM slides were moved to the Classic Products section on the website.
I am using a type SED air slide, vertical orientation, tool plate down, cyl up---does PHD offer a stroke reading option that would indicate where in the slide stroke the slide stopped? This would be similar to an SMC stroke reading cylinder. As a custom product, PHD has made several cylinders with position feedback. However we do not offer this as a standard option on any cylinders or slides. Please contact your local distributor for more information on our custom product capabilities. 2/10/2006
What are the dimensions for a PHD prox switch, part no. 51422-006-02? The over all length of the 51422-006-02 DC inductive proximity switch is 40mm. It has M8 x 1 thread. 2/4/2006
Are electrical grippers (Series EGP) available? PHD has discontinued the Series EGP electrical driven Gripper as a standard product. It is currently available through PHD Custom Products group. For additional information on the Series EGP or other electrical grippers such as the EGRK, contact your local distributor or PHD Customer Service. 12/29/2005
I want to size a simple linear air cylinder and valve in terms of air consumption, thrust and size. Do you have any literature on this? When sizing a cylinder there are many factors that need to be looked at. Please contact your local PHD distributor for assistance. 11/21/2005
I have a part # TS 041x1-N406. Can you tell me if that is still a good part number? TS041X1-N is an older generation slide but is still available. You might want to consider substituting the SEB24X1-AE to save some money. 11/10/2005
Is the 16025-2-2202 a direct replacement for the 16021-1-0001? The 16025-x-xxxx has standard mounting holes (see catalog R dim) while the 16021-x-xxxx has slotted thru holes. For more information, please go to the Escapement section of our website.

When is bleeding a Tandem Cylinder Necessary? Bleeding a Tandem Cylinder is necessary if air bubbles have entered into the oil section of the actuator. Click Here for Animated Instructions 9/21/2005
When is bleeding a Rotary Tandem Actuator Necessary? Bleeding a Air/Oil Rotary Tandem Actuator is necessary if air bubbles have entered into the oil section of the actuator. Click Here for Animated Instructions 9/21/2005
What size screw is used on the Switch Bracket and Target Kit #18438 for gripper part number 19087-2-5532. In this kit there are 2 different screws: Set Screw M4 x .7 x 6mm
and S.H.C.S Screws M2.5 x .45 x 5 mm.
Does part number 55824-1 have a sensing range and a sensing diameter? All switches have a Hysteresis and Band width. This however, is dependent upon which product the switch is used on. You can have a different sensing range on a gripper verses a slide using the same switch. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information. 8/11/2005
I have several SDC23 X3-E-GU-H4 air cylinders. We are unable to make the cylinder mounted proximity switch work properly. The problem is the proximity switch will double read the magnet inside the cylinder. On the extreme travel, it appears the switch will turn on at the leading edge of the magnet then turn off in the middle of the magnet then turn back on. What is inside these cylinders that is not inside your other cylinders? Two magnets? Opposing? Something is different, I have tried two different switch brands: Turk and Parker, with the same problem. I have other PHD air cylinders and these switches work poperly. I finally tried a PHD 17504-2-20 and it appears to only sense the magnet once. Not all customers will accept the PHD brand switch. Please explain the difference in the designs? Can I change the magnet? You cannot use a different brand switch to sense a PHD magnetic piston unless you find out if the competitor switch has the same or similar gauss reading. You may have to inform the competitor that the switch that PHD uses on this item has a Hysteresis of .093 and a band width of .125/.312 . They may have something that is comparable to the switch you are using. I also see that you are using a prox switch. If you are using both a prox switch and a Hall switch that is internal, this may cause the reaction/response to be different therefore, not allowing your primary switch 17504-2 to perform its function. If this is the case you may want to choose one over the other.
I am using a PHD three position slide part number SEDE26X16X6-E-BR-AE. When extending to the Mid Position, the unit is too slow. How can I get to the Mid Position quicker? Is there a special valve that I can use? First check to see if you have port control needles that control the rate of your flow. If you have this, you may need to adjust them clockwise by 1/4 turn. If you do not have this option, you may notice a breather intake that suppresses the air going out. This breather will be gold and pressed into the tube. You can remove this and should allow for air to escape quicker out of the unit. Another option is to have the Orifice holes enlarged in your ports. This however, should be done by PHD because of the chances of drilling into the side wall. If you cannot get any response you may also want to increase your line pressure, but do not exceed the recommended pressure of 150psi. 7/19/2005
Our customer is looking to replace a PHD lead screw cantilever slide part number ECS2HB-4x2-R100, which I see is no longer made. What are you recommending as a replacement for this slide? The customer does not want to wait 6 weeks for a special order. Unfortunately PHD does not have a standard product replacement for the "ECS" series. This can be ordered as a Unique Solutions product with delivery of 5 weeks or 25 working days. Our series SE/SD pneumatic slide is the closest standard product PHD has to offer. 7/8/2005
We have an application where we would like to use an SG slide. Is there a way to have a 3-position cylinder with an adjustable mid-position. I spent some time looking at your three position cylinders and I do not really see a way other than putting spacers inside the cylinder tube. I really don't want to do that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As a standard call out you will not find anything on the website for this. I would suggest using an SFM slide with adjustable mid position stops. Please contact PHD Customer Service for more information. 6/25/2005
I have an EHMF1 1-1/8 x 9 - D cylinder. The O-ring on the hex head, screw in cushion plug was damaged and needed replacement. What would cause this O-ring to fail? How can I order more plugs/O-rings to fit this cylinder? The failure could be from an over torqued needle screw.
The part for the O-ring is Part No 4728-006-1 and for the plug, including the needle screw, needle retainer, backup ring and O-ring is part No 5046-1.
Could you please send or let me know where to find the detailed setup instructions for 0183752, three position rotary actuator. I could find operating principle in your web site but that is not enough. First, manually rotate and secure the output shaft at the desired intermediate position. Then, push in the adjusting knobs so they bottom out on the racks inside. Next, loosen set screws on the knobs and screw the knob in until they bottom out on the outside of the caps and then tighten the set screws. Next, remove the name plate to expose the angle limiting segments for the extreme positions. Loosen, set, and secure these segments to the desired rotation and put the name plate back on. 6/2/2005
How does a gripper allow for variations in size? What variations will they allow? How is grip pressure adjusted? Variations in part size are handled by selecting a gripper with the proper Jaw travel. The specific size variations allowed depends on which gripper you select. The grip force (pressure) is influenced by air pressure, so is adjusted by adjustments in air pressure. Please contact your local distributor or PHD's Customer Service Dept. if you need more information.
What is a PHD Gripper? There are 2 types of Grippers:

Parallel - jaws are always parallel to each other throughout the entire jaw travel
Angular - jaws pivot at the body

PHD has many sizes and variations of grippers. Please visit and browse the gripper section for a better understanding of product offerings.
I am in the process of setting up our stockroom and have a bag of PHD threaded fittings with #53398 on the bag. What are they for and what are the specs for the fittings? These are barb fittings for a majority of our products (SA, grippers, etc). Barbs have a 10-32 thread. 1/4/2005
Will an RAS1 32 x 45 -PB-NB-E-Q10 rotate at 100 cycles/minute and for how long. It depends on the load you are trying to rotate. The more load, the more kinetic energy, the less time it is going to last, if it exceeds its capacity. Normally under optimal conditions the RAS rotary will perform at least 5 million cycles. For more information, please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept or your local distributor. 11/19/2004
Do you offer a preventive maintenance schedule for the GRC gripper? PHD does not offer a preventive maintenance schedule. GRC grippers are permanently lubricated at the factory to be maintenance-free throughout the lifespan of 10 million cycles. 11/12/2004
I need to know the MTBF (mean time between failure) and MTR (mean time to repair) for your gripper #GRR12-1-50-200-H47. All standard units have been designed for a minimum of 5 million trouble free cycles, under optimal conditions (such as clean air, environment, etc). This unit is field repairable and repair kits are readily available. 11/5/2004
Do you offer air over oil grippers? If so where can I find the information on it? We do not offer air/oil tandem grippers as a standard, but our Unique Solutions group can help you. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept or your local distributor for a quote. 11/1/2004
Do you have any typical preventive maintenance and troubleshooting info for the PNC marking clamp? PHD does have this information, but it is not published, contact PHD's Customer Service to get this document. 11/1/2004
I have a cylinder # HV RF 1-1/8 X 1-P-M-Q. I need to replace the packing at the rod end. What is the correct manner in which to replace the components? You need to order a repair kit for this unit. The way to order is as follows:
HV RF 1-1/8 X 1-P-M-Q-H9010 (repair kit includes bushing, hard parts)
HV RF 1-1/8 X 1-P-M-Q-H9000 (Seal Kit, seals only)
Contact our distributor to order.
I have two 53609-2-02 switch on a PHD CRS2U32x1/2-BB-M-T55 cylinder. What is the minimum travel that the switch can "see"? The minimum travel on all sizes for the "CRS" series is .250" if switches are mounted on different sides. If mounted on the same side it varies depending on the size and switch to be used. Contact PHD to get this information. 11/1/2004
I am revising a weld fixture and it has what seems to be outdated (not in your books) PHD slide. What I am looking for is the CAD file for the slide. The slide sticker says

A06 3 X 1 – Q1 – R1

I would like a Solid works file if possible or just a 2D Print if any of this is possible.

Please help.
The SA063 x 1-Q1-R1 has been replaced with the SAH 1 32 x 1 -Q6 -J3. All cad files for this new unit are available online.
Can O-rings be effective dynamic seals? Classic design dynamic o-rings generally do not perform as well as seals with specially molded geometries. Typically, these designs have low life and high breakaway pressures. PHD products generally employ special seal geometries to provide superior performance.

However, PHD research has discovered a technique to provide much better performance from dynamic o-ring seals. Instead of simply compressing the o-ring between the bore wall and the bottom of the o-ring groove, a special groove geometry is used to minimize o-ring compression while maintaining sealing.

This design provides very low breakaway force and good life. It is especially applicable to applications requiring very low breakaway pressures, minimum cost, and unusual sizes not covered by standard seals. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information.
How do I adjust the rotation on the 0180 series rotary actuators? Remove the cover plate on the back of the unit. There you will find two limiting segments held by screws. Loosen the screws and move segments to obtain the desired rotation. 6/11/2004
I have been told you no longer make the Sx04x X 3-Q1 cylinder, which is what we have been using. Since I do not know the specs on this cylinder, how do I choose a replacement from your current line of cylinders? That is correct, the new replacement slide model is the SAH/SAB. For more information click on the link. 6/11/2004
We have SEC15X34-PB-BR slides that we need a data sheet on for a parts breakdown. Can you supply? Our current Slide No is a SEC25 x 34-PB-BR. It is basically the same slide. To get a break-down/exploded view you will need to go to our website and click on the upper right corner of our home page on "Slides" then SD-SE then Catalog parts, then enter or type above number on empty field. The next page will show you the exploded view. 6/11/2004
Are the PNP Hall Effect switches normally open or normally closed? I.e, when the sensor is active, is it providing current to the load (normally open, closes on activation). All PHD switches are normally open. 6/11/2004
What is the life expectancy of a SEC25 X x -DB? You can expect 5 million cycles minimum on the SD/SE series, it usually operates up to 10 million trouble free cycles. 4/23/2004
Could you tell me what the high end of temperature rating for the working environment would be for a GRC 141-2-0001 gripper. That gripper is rated up to 180 degrees F. With fluoro-elastomer seals (GRC 141-2-0002), the seals are good up to 400 degrees F. 3/31/2004
Is there a software license for your PHD CAD Configurator software? I have read the disclaimer, however, our corporate policy requires that we have proof of purchase for all software OR proof that the software is free. Is PHD CAD Configurator software free? Yes it is free. There is no license required. 3/26/2004
Is switch # 17524-1 still available? If not, what is its equivalent? This switch was redesiged to make it a better switch.
The new model number is 17524-2.
What are the terms "maximum grip force direction" and "minimum grip force direction" used in the catalog of series 190 & 191 gripper stand for? Can I say the former is indicative of internal grip types and latter of external grip types? Basically, you are correct. If you have a jaw style 1, then the max grip force direction is an internal grip, and the min grip force direction is an external grip. You would look at the dashed lines only on the Grip Force Diagrams pages in the catalogs.

If you have a jaw style 2, then your part number will tell you whether you have a maximum force on open or close (see the ordering data).
I am looking for a gripper that is listed in the parts list of our KINEFAC lathe but I cannot find it. The number is GRB651-1-5-901. If it is a valid number can you give me the technical data? The GRB series gripper has been redesigned. The new design is a drop in replacement. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. to get the cross over number. 1/13/2004
Where can I find the following cylinder: UM 1 1/8 X 3-M. This cylinder is a universal mount cylinder. It is not catalogued, contact Customer Service for more information. 1/13/2004
Can you supply a cad file to order? Such as a specified length greater than 36"? I need 48". Please contact Customer Service for strokes longer than standard, or you could stretch your base model to the specified stroke, based on catalog dimensions. 1/13/2004
How can I find information about 7518-01-12 switch, not in your knowledge base. This is an older model switch, it is still available. There is no information about this switch on this site. For more information on this switch contact customer service. 1/13/2004
Have a switch # 17502 with white and black wires tied together as output and red +12VDC. Getting an output okay, but LED does not work. What do I need to change? It looks like you have an older model 17502 series, this is how you solve your problem: 17502-1-xx with wire colors of Red, Black and White. With this arrangement in a DC circuit the Red should go to (+) DC, the Black should got to (-) DC, and the White should be the (source) output.
If you tie the Black and White wires together the switch will still function but will not provide an LED indication. This is because the current flows right through the White wire ( the path of least resistance ) and will not go through the internal LED / Resistor circuit and out the Black wire. If you move the Black wire to the (-) DC then the LED should operate correctly.

The current -2 design is now Brown (+) DC, Blue (-) DC, and Black (source) output.
Can you tell me what the load burden is for a Model 17509-3 Reed Switch? The load burden in the LED circuit is approx 2-3 mA. 1/13/2004
Do you offer electromechanical rotaries that can offer up to 5 positions? PHD does not offer electromechanical rotaries, but PHD does offer a pneumatic (AIR) rotary with 5 positions. For more information on this actuator, please visit the product page. 12/22/2003
In the catalogue I cannot find a value for allowable torque on the series 190-191 parallel grippers (GRD shows it). Is this information available? The max. allowable torque values for the 190-190 grippers are approx. 70% of the values for the GRD grippers listed under "Max Allowable Forces & Moments on Gripper Jaws" in the GRD section of PHD's Sizing Catalog. For more information please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. 12/4/2003
What bracket is needed to mount a 17525-2 compact proximity switch on a AVF 1 x 1 1/2-E-P air cylinder? Will a larger bracket (5142-32-3) be used and a larger switch? The correct bracket part number is 17000-32-5 (plastic) and 17000-32-0 (metal). To be used with compact switches 1750 series.
The bracket part No 5142-32-3 is also used for this cylinder with switch series 1590 (larger switch).
Where can I find the coefficient of velocity, Cv, values? 9/5/2003
What is the differance between a hall switch and a magnetoresistive switch? They have very similar solid state technologies. To an end user they both hook up the same, cost the same, and are long lasting in a perfect enviroment. 8/12/2003
I have a R11A-1-360-A-D-M rotary cylinder used in a glue application that is moving erratically. Does the air going to the cylinder have to be dry? Will oiled air affect smoothness of motion? Is there a specific lubricant used when re-building these cylinders? Gear racks and pinion are lubricated at the factory and may never need lubrication. However, if lubrication should be needed, use high grade bearing grease. Port for grease nipple provided in top of actuator body. Lubricate only while ports are pressurized. Approximately 1/2 in3 of grease is sufficient for any series actuator, each 250.000 cycles of 360 degrees duration. 7/23/2003
What is the difference between escapements 16020-2-0102 and 16020-1-0102? PHD made some improvements to the design of the escapement, which caused the design number to change. The changes were internal and invisible to the customer. If you need to re-order, you can order the -2 and it will fit and perform as your old design did. 5/29/2003
I need grippers which are from series GRM clamps to hold sheet which is of thickness between 0.15 to 0.4. Our clamps will hold that thickness of sheet metal. You will just need to choose the correct jaw tips to handle the thickness of your sheets (there are several to choose from). Go to the Instant Clamp Expert for easy assistance in selecting your clamp. 5/28/2003
Do you offer any life cycle data or mean time to failure information on your rotary actuators? We catalog some of our life expectancies, but not all. Some of our rotaries will operate a minimum of 5 million maintenance free cycles and some will go 10 million, so you are safe to wait at least 5 million cycles on all rotaries. 5/21/2003
On the SGxM slides, you have an option for a rodless cylinder. In your Knowledgebase web site you mention that these cylinders are not by PHD. Can you tell us who the cylinder manufacturer is? The rodless cylinder on the SGxM slide is made by Origa. 5/21/2003
Currently using your grippers in several of our operations where the gripper grabs the product by the inside hole. The hole has a .002 diameter tolerance. Question is do you have a gripper that will give an actual hole size reading/dimension ??? We have produced such a gripper (the Encoder Gripper) through our PHD Unlimited Unique Solutions group. Please contact your distributor or PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information. 5/20/2003
On the PB swing clamps I am unable to select a weld cover option as well as a anti back lash option. You need to choose an arm option in order to get the cad drawing with the weld cover option as well as the anti-backlash. 5/5/2003
17504-1-06 -- how old is this sensor and what is the status of it now? This switch has been replaced by 17504-2-06(cable material upgrade). 4/25/2003
How do I input native CAD files? There are instructions on importing native CAD files under the edit profile button. By clicking on the "red" buttons next to the desired CAD file a list of import instructions will be shown. 3/7/2003
What is the definition for dryness factor of compress air? In compress air systems there will always be moisture present due to water vapor in the environment. Once atmospheric air passes through a compressor operating at 100 psig/7 bar, the air is compressed to 1/8 its previous volume, yet still contains the same amount of moisture. As air leaves the compressor and travels throughout the system, it begins to cool. Once the air temperature drops below the pressure dew point temperature (Dew point is the temperature at which water vapor in the air condenses into a liquid.), water droplets begin to condense. Depending on your air compressor system there will be a certain percent of moisture to compressed air and that is what is called dryness factor. It is necessary to remove the moisture from the air system in order to lower the dew point and avoid operating problems, costly maintenance, and repair expenses. 2/26/2003
How many cycles can we expect out of a R11A3180-P-D-A-H rotary actuator and a MS042x2-V-C slide and an AVB138x3-P air cylinder? I tried to find this in the catalog but did not see it. The actual life of any PHD actuator is dependent on the application, however most PHD units when used within specified catalog perameters should last 10 million cycles, with 5 million as a suggested scheduled maintenance evaluation date, checking for blow by and future seal replacement. Since most PHD units are field repairable, the life of the actuator can be much longer. 2/24/2003
The CAD e-mail was sent without the files I requested. Why? Occasionally errors occur during the building process. You can attempt to rebuild the file in your native format. If the problem continues build the file in the recommended neutral format. 2/20/2003
How can I get size and mounting specs for the exact gripper I am ordering on the web? Dimensional information and product specifications can be found on the products tab under the gripper section of our company website. 2/17/2003
Do you have a cross reference guide to easily match rebuild kits to the proper cylinders? You can find repair kits in our Parts List catalog. Most of our repair kits can be ordered with the model number of the actuator with an additional option of H9010 (example: AVR 3/4 x 3-H9010). 1/30/2003
Three separate 2D views generated cannot be cut and pasted together in a single file. How do I accomplish this? Answer is in this attachment ACAD PDF 1/29/2003
On the SD series slide unit, is there any option to provide a plumbed lube system to the guide shafts? What about sealed guide shafts? Neither are provided as a standard option. However, we can most likely do either as a custom product. Please contact your distributor to initiate a quote. 1/24/2003
Where can I find information on PHD part #'s A202x7 and A2013/8x6? These products are no longer sold as Standard Products. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information. 1/7/2003
How does the 3-position cylinder work? How do you valve a 3-position cylinder? A secondary cylinder provides the mid-position stroke of a 3-position cylinder. This is best explained in this working model of a 3-positon cylinder. 3-position FLASH demo 1/3/2003
I want to use a A3V cylinder in a referencing position application. However, there is a critical reference position, which must be held to a tolerance of +/- .012". Can the middle position of the cylinder meet this tolerance long term with out an external hard stop? I am concerned about using the end of stroke of the cylinder as the hard stop long term. Is there long term repeatability data available for the middle position of an A3V cylinder? PHD does not recommend the A3V series mid stroke to be used as a reference point. The reason is there is not a positive stop to hold the piston at mid-point. You will get a bounce because compressed air is holding it in place. If this is not a problem to you you can specify the "W" option to give you close tolerance stroke. (+ or - .005) long term. 1/3/2003
Do you sell shock pads that are used on your guide rod cylinders seperately?
If so where can I get dimensions and ordering info?
Yes, PHD does offer shock pads as a separate item. They vary in size based on the diameter of the guide shaft. Please contact PHD Customer Service at 1-800-624-8511 for product dimensions and pricing. 12/19/2002
I have unzipped my CAD file, but it doesn't appear to be a native file. What do I do? Various Native formats have special instructions on how to import these drawings into your CAD software. A list of these formats, and their respective instructions can be found at 11/12/2002
I have requested a certain type of CAD file (ex. CATIA) but I received a different format (ex. STEP). Why? Sometimes there is drawing geometry that is difficult to convert into native CAD formats. When problems such as this happen, the software automatically defaults to the non-native(neutral) format specified by Part Server. This file should be the best neutral format for your CAD program. 11/12/2002
One day I was able to request a certain PHD product number, but the next day the Configurator would not let me configure the same part. Why? PHD makes an effort to continually update the CAD Configurator to ensure maximum part accuracy. Restrictions and limitations are applied to many of the units to comply with ordering information from the catalog. It is possible that a restriction was added that limits the option or a stroke that you have chosen. Check the release date at the top of any part section to determine when the last product update has taken place.

Verify with PHD Customer Service at
When I am configuring a PHD product, why do some of the options not show up in the list or are disabled? There is a section of the CAD Configurator, "Explanation Regarding Compatibility Issues" found below the Configurator, that identifies a list of options that are not available for a given product because of compatibility issues with already selected options. 11/12/2002
Why can I only get certain PHD products in native format and some only in IGES and/or DXF? In order to achieve a native CAD format, each product must be configured in the PartSolutions software. PHD is currently working to provide all of our products in a native format. We are committed to providing all product lines, and after each product is completed, it will be available on the website. 11/11/2002
Why can I only preview certain PHD products and not all of them? Only native CAD formats can be viewed online. Therefore, the products that currently only have IGES/DXF support cannot be previewed. 11/11/2002
What do I do if I do not receive my email or CAD file? You HAVE to have a valid email address. Verify a correct email address is entered in your profile. If your email is not correct, go to the Edit Profile area and change it.

If the problem persists, contact PHD Customer Service at
How long should I wait for my CAD email request? Most CAD emails are received in 5 minutes or less. The length of time can be increased by the number of PHD parts requested, the number of formats requested, and the complexity of parts ordered. To minimize request time, please only request one CAD format. If it has been longer than 30 minutes, check your profile for the correct email address. If your email address is correct, then contact PHD Customer Service at 11/11/2002
What should I do if I suspect that the geometry is inaccurate in the CAD file? Verify the geometry with the latest copy of the PHD catalog. This catalog can be viewed online via 11/11/2002
I think I have a complete PHD product number but the Configurator won't let me continue. What do I do? The CAD Configurator has been created to "know" when a valid model number has been created. The user will know when a valid model number has been created when the 3 buttons in the middle of the screen turn green.

If you feel you have selected a valid part number and the buttons are still red, verify the part number with ordering data page of the latest PHD catalog. This catalog can be viewed online.

If there is still a discrepancy, contact PHD Customer Service for further verification.
If I receive my CAD file with a .zip extension. What do I do? The PHD CAD file request is emailed within a zip file that requires either Winzip or Pkzip to open it. After opening the .zip file, if the file doesn't appear to be native then view the following list of CAD formats, and their respective instructions Help 11/11/2002
We have a TDR1X1-C cylinder that is leaking oil at the face of the head. What is the recommended fix to this problem? Is there a seal kit? The "TD" series cylinders are not field repairable. The best approach is to send this cylinder to our facilities for repair.
Contact your distributor for a "RGA" (return goods authorization).
Do you have a maintenance manual or maintenance procedures for the Tom Thumb HV series cylinders? There is no procedure in print. You can obtain an exploded view in the parts catalog on our web site. 10/23/2002
I have a cylinder with 'TS03 1x2 - E - N' on the plate. What is the ID of this cylinder? I can't find this part number in your web site. The T series slide is an older slide and is found in our Classic catalog. This is a 3/4" bore slide. 10/14/2002
I have an application using a slide with a three-position air cylinder, vertically oriented. The rod end of the cylinder is down. What is the proper pneumatic circuit to use to operate this slide? The tool plate will continue to drop from full retract,to mid-position, all the way to full extend, unless the rod end port is energized at the same time as the cap end port or is timed by switches to energize just before the forward cylinder's piston reaches the mid position. The difference in area created by the piston rod will allow the back cyl to push the tool plate to midposition, but the force will be reduced. 10/9/2002
What is expected life of an air cylinder (cycles) for a NEAG? The approximate life expectancy for a NEAG cylinder is 5 Million cycles in a ideal environment. 10/9/2002
What is the nominal jaw travel of the 19071-2-0501? The nominal jaw travel can be found on dimension pages of the 190/191 section of PHD's Main Catalog and on our website. Please reference the 190 dimensional information page. for details. 10/7/2002
What are the weights of SD & SE Slide units? This information can be found on the "Engineering Data" page in the SD/SE section of our Main Catalog. You can also find this information on our website. 10/3/2002
What kind of precision and repeatability might I find when using a 3 position slide? All of the 3 position cylinders, slides, and rotaries are dependent upon a mechanical stop for the mid-position. The tolerance on the mid-position stroke is .032". As long as back pressure is applied correctly to avoid drifting, mid-position will repeat reliably. 10/1/2002
How can I get a CAD drawing in my Native CAD systems format? I am using Solidworks. PHD provides an on-line CAD Configurator that enables users to request over 80 different file formats. Visit 9/26/2002
What is the close or open time of series 190 angular grippers? Unfortunately PHD has not tested the opening and closing times on any of the 190 series grippers. However, closing and opening times will be similar to equivalent bore GRD grippers. Please refer to the GRD section of PHD's main catalog or PHD's web site. 8/29/2002
Can I buy direct or do I purchase from a distributor? PHD sells through distribution. You can find your authorized PHD distributor here. 8/8/2002
Can an LCS 10 with 5580 switch read in forward or backward position and is this switch available in a NAMUR style prox switch? The LCS size 10 escapement can accept (1) 5580 switch to sense either extend or retract (not both). The 5580 switches are not available in a NAMUR style prox. 8/5/2002
Regarding the PHD 19171-2-553. I have recently changed 2 of the mentioned grippers and both had an issue with a broken spring and cracked seals possibly caused by rust, judging by the orange dust upon taking the gripper apart. Is there a preventive maintenance schedule for this type of gripper? What is the typical life of the mentioned gripper in ideal conditions? Any suggestions of cause for the damaged gripper? These grippers are rated for 5 million trouble free cycles. A broken spring is a sure sign of fatigue failure. This failure could be accelerated by contaminants that get inside the gripper body. This is seen by the orange dust that is present during disassembly. Possible contaminants could be coolant, or an external lubricator. PHD recommends shielding the gripper from external contaminants. 7/23/2002
I have 2 slide units PHD #BS081x12-B-Q that I just need the cylinders to replace, can you advise me where to locate them. The correct part number for the replacement cylinder is the full unit description plus "-H4" (for example, "BS081x12-B-Q-H4"). These can be ordered from your local PHD distributor. 7/16/2002
Several times in the last year, I've had problems replacing the PHD 17523-2. I tried as many as three new out of the package switches and all three fail. All occasions, I pulled an old switch from an obsolete machine and the old one works, switched with new one doen't and I had to not use the new ones. Are these weaker than the old one? PHD has developed a special switch, ML302341, with magnetoresistive components, that can sense our Hall effect magnets, in situations where our new standard 17523-2 switches cannot. 6/24/2002
I have been told that it is best to use a food-grade general purpose grease for periodic lubrication of the guide rods and cylinder rod for Series CTS cylinders. Is this true? This is not totally accurate. PHD CR/CT cylinders are tested with 32 weight hydraulic oil. PHD can use specified lubricants per customer request, but we'll want to first check the MSDS sheets for compatibility with the seals. If you have a special lubricant in mind, it is best to contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. before using it. 5/23/2002
Are there any of hall effect or reed switches compatible with PHD's heavy
duty hydraulic cylinders EH or ES series?
In order for the Hall/Reed switches to work, cylinders must have some type of magnet in the piston. With that in mind, our ES, and EH series cylinders are build with steel tubes for high pressures (3000 to 5000 PSI HYD). A magnet inside a steel tube will create problems and it is impossible for the switch to work properly. An inductive proximity switch will be the best choice for your application. 5/20/2002
How do I use the Native CAD drawing sent to me with your On-Line CAD solution? Some of the CAD files requested are sent as a macro. The macro will run in the CAD system you requested and generate the CAD drawing using your own CAD system.
To see instructions visit:
Does PHD offer rodless pneumatic cylinders? PHD offers a rodless slide, our SFP series slide. 5/10/2002
I can't save a CAD file to my briefcase in your online part configurator. I log in, configure a part, click on save configuration, and then it opens the briefcase window and tells me I have no parts saved in the briefcase. The message also tells me to configure a part first which I already have. The briefcase is used to store CAD models for one session at a time. Multiple parts can be placed in the briefcase, but once the "Confirm CAD Models" button is pressed the briefcase is emptied and the models are sent to your email address. If the parts have been saved they should be located in the "history" section of the on-line CAD configurator. 4/24/2002
Is the CTS1U20x1 1/2-M intrinsically safe? The switch that the "CTS" series uses is not intrinsically safe. In fact, none of PHD's switches are intrinsically safe.
The intrinsically safe definition is a protection concept employed in potentially explosive atmospheres.
What is the life expectancy and recommended service parts for the following products.

CTS Cylinders
AV Cylinders w/viton seals
RA Rotary Actuators
190/191 Series Parallel Grippers
All of the above are 10 Million cycles with the exception of the CTS which is 5 million. Regarding the Viton seals, this is a harder seal with a higher nitrile content, and may extend life slightly. The most common service parts are seal kits and will vary from different series of actuators.
Where do I find information on the "couplers" (part # 3122,3130) that are designed to break before the shaft is ruined? These shear couplers are an internal part of our multi-motion line of products. They are designed to shear before the spline bar and piston rod are destroyed. Unfortunately we do not catalog any information on these parts. Replacement couplers can be purchased from your local PHD distributor. 4/4/2002
Can the Rodlok be mechanically released when all air is discharged from machine? Yes, the locking mechanism can be release when air pressure is removed from the system. This is achieved by placing a socket head, or setscrew in the port. Turning the screw inward will release the locking mechanism. DO NOT release the locking mechanism without the rod material in the lock. Doing so could cause damage to the locking device. 4/4/2002
Why can't shock absorbers be installed in the ends of a 20mm bore, 270 deg RL rotary actuator?
The allowed angle adjustment screws seem to be ½ inch dia. while the shock absorbers are 12mm (.472 in dia.).
When this unit was designed, the shock brand we used did not have shocks that could operate in a pressurized environment, so the caps were not designed to have the thickness to have proper thread engagement. So if we use what is a "non-standard" for PHD shock, the Enidyne OEM.25-BAC unit, and have a spacer so that the threads of the shock engage, and you will still have full rotation available, than we can quote out a special unit. Bottom line, this can be done as a Unique Solutions product. Please contact your distributor or PHD's Customer Service Dept. 4/2/2002
I have seen a life expectancy of 10 million cycles in your catalog, but other brands of cylinders rated in total piston seal travel distance. Can it be determined which method is more accurate? PHD uses both "inches of travel" and "number of cycles" in determining life expectancy of cylinders and slides. We generally use
"number of cycles" on cylinders where we have a wearing of the seal. We use "inches of travel" on slides where we have a wearing of the bearing. The piston seal doesn't see as much wear through the length of the travel as it does in the reversal of direction.
I am using a 17524-2 switch with a quick disconnect cable. The cable is about four inches long. Are there any other standard cable lengths that can be purchased? I am looking for about two feet long cable. All of the PHD switches with the quick disconnect option require a cordset. For this switch, a cordset of 63549-02 (2 meter cordset) or a 63549-05 (5 meter cordset) can be used. Contact your local PHD Distributor for price and availability. 2/25/2002
I'm plan on using a TD air/oil tandem cylinder with a 1-3/8 bore. Do you have or can you recommend a quality rod end misalignment coupling to work with this cylinder PHD's model 375 rod end coupler. 1/18/2002
We are looking for information on Rodless hydraulic cylinders, can you help? PHD does not offer a hydraulic rodless cylinder. 1/9/2002
How do I find the part number for a replacement cylinder for a PHD slide? The cylinder only part number is indicated by the option -H4. For example, SEB25x6-BR-GG-H4 is the cylinder only for the SEB25 x 6-BR-GG slide. 1/9/2002
What is the largest oversized rod you can put in an 1 1/8" bore cylinder? Standard rod size is 3/8". Oversized rod is 1/2". The largest rod available is the double oversized rod at 5/8". 12/14/2001
What are electromechanical products? What they used for? How are they used? Electromechanical products are electrically operated. Instead of using air or hydraulics, the product is actuated electronically with a motor.

They are used where using air or hydraulics is not desired. Some customers use them because they cannot have air or fluid in their clean environment. Others use them for precision and multiple stroke capabilities. In the case of an electromechanical slide, it can be programmed to stop in several different positions, as opposed to just full extend and full retract.

They are powered by a motor and come with programming software, which makes them flexible for tailoring the product to your specific application.
Can you buy new magnets or add magnets for switch sensing on an AV cylinder? For a reed magnet (-M option), you can purchase the magnet segments and add them to the cylinder for 3/4", 1", 1 1/8", and 1 3/8" bore cylinders only. For a hall effect magnet (-E option), you can either purchase a new piston and rod assembly with the -E option or you can send the cylinder in on an RGA to have the -E option added. Contact your local distributor for an RGA. 11/16/2001
What is the lubricant used on the PHD AV series cylinder? We use Magnalube-G on all standard A/AV/HV cylinders unless they have the -V option. For the -V option, we use SyncoLube Oil with Teflon. 11/13/2001
I'm looking for what seems to be an old part number. It is marked TS041X-A-J2-M-R2. Can you please cross reference it to a current available part number? We have the "TS" series slide and many other older products under "classics". If you can't find the product you are looking for under our standard catalog, go to the "classic" products.

The part number that you requested is missing the stroke length. You have to fill it in after the "x".
Is it possible to order just the jaws for a phd gripper #19070-2-5001, which is jaw style 1? Yes, it is. You can find parts for our actuators in our Parts List Catalog.

The part number for the one jaw for your gripper is 18671.
When ordering a slide, a reference is made to a tool plate extension, what is this? A tool plate extension is the distance the tool plate extends from the slide housing (or bearing block) when the tool plate is fully retracted. i. e. The tool plate will never retract all the way to the slide housing. You will however get the full requested stroke. 9/19/2001
I have a phd gripper pn: 7960-03-1201.
I need to know what the threads you have in there. We tried SAE straight thread; BSPP thread; NPT thread fittings and none of them fits. Is it metric ? Is it ISO ?
Your gripper has the SAE O-ring port option, which provides a 3/8-24 SAE port. 9/7/2001
Which gripper should I use if I want to handle 50pcs of washer which has the weight of 1.5g and the thickness of 3mm? The way we at PHD typically size gripper applications is to take the weight of the part and multiply it by a 4 to 1 safety factor. We would select a gripper and multiply GF factor of the gripper by the system air pressure and derate by the tooling length factor. This will yield the total gripping force of the gripper. We would then check to ensure the total gripping force is greater then the part weight times the 4 to 1 safety factor. This information is found in the Engineering section of any PHD product catalog under the gripper section. In your case you have the potential of using several grippers. PHD would recommend the use of the GRW series, the GRL series, or the GRD series. 9/7/2001
Can I use an ohmmeter to check a hall effect switch, mod#17524-2? If so, what is the correct way? Yes, you can use an ohmmeter to check a switch to see if it is open or closed. Attach one lead to the brown wire and one lead to the black wire. When the switch is open, you will get an infinite number.
When the switch closes, you will get a reading on the ohmmeter. If you are using a multimeter, you can
also check current and voltage. Just keep in mind that you check current by putting the ampmeter in series with
the load and not parallel with it as we just did earlier with the ohmmeter.
Why am I having troubles when replacing 17524-1 switches with the newer 17524-2 switches? Pick-up points are a little different, and I have not been able to get them to work as replacements in some applications. The design 2 unit used a non-biased hall sensor, whereas the older unit used a biased hall sensor. This results in a slightly less sensitive switch which was verified as functional to all PHD actuators prior to release. I can offer two scenarios for this one:

1)The actuator magnet sensitivity may be low.

2)The customer may be using a non-PHD product.

In the past where switch sensitivity is a problem, we recommended a 1750 type custom switch which incorporates an inverted MR sensor. That usually takes care of the problem. Contact PHD or your local distributor for more information.
Why can't I get my switch to work on my AR3/4 x 2-1/4 - P-D cylinder? The A series cylinder does not allow space on the piston to place a magnetic strip. You will need to convert to our AV type cylinders and choose options M or E for hall or reed magnet. 7/12/2001
Do you offer clamps and/or grippers that are electrically actuated? If so, where can I find more information about them? Yes, we do have electrically actuated clamps, with many more products on the way. Keep an eye on the products sections of our website for new electrically actuated products. 7/11/2001
What is the advantage of AV over A cylinders? The "AV" series offer two "V" block seals back to back which promotes longer life. It also offers switch options.
The "A" series offers a quad type seal and no switch options.
Can I replace a #17522-2 Reed switch with a Hall Effect switch? If so, what model should I use and can I expect it to last longer? Reed switches and Hall Effect switches are not interchangeable. The magnets that trigger the switch have different polarities. If you want to change to a Hall Effect switch, you will also need to get a new magnet. The hall effect switch is a solid state switch, so it should last longer than the reed, which has moving parts. The model you should choose depends on whether you prefer NPN or PNP. Contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. or your local distributor for more information.
Can we get an illustrated parts breakdown for air cylinder NPG-MFI-1-1/8x21-1/2-M19K, using rebuild kit #3423-04-1. We do provide parts breakdowns in our Parts List Catalog. You may contact your local distributor or PHD to order one, or you can download the catalog from the web site. Click on Downloads, then PHD Documents, then scroll down to find Parts List Catalog. 6/14/2001
Why aren't the CBU and CAU slides field repairable? The coupling magnets in the saddle and the guide shafts are very strong and could attract debris causing premature wear. Therefore, we suggest that the CxU slides be repaired by PHD repair department only. 6/12/2001
I have a 53626-1 switch. What is the minimum travel that my cylinder can have to turn on and off 2 different switches on the same cylinder? The bandwidth on these 5360 series switches is .25 inch and the maximum hysteresis is .090 inch. If you double the hysteresis, add the bandwidth, and add the length of the switch you will get the minimum travel for 1 switch. This is 1.13 inch. If you were to put 2 switches on the same side of the cylinder you would need a minumum travel of 2.26 inches. 6/4/2001
Is the 15900-1 switch for AC only or will it work in a DC circuit with a voltage of 24vdc? The 15900-1 is both a DC and AC switch at 4.5-24VDC or 110-120 VAC. 5/24/2001
Are re-build kits available for a minature rotary #0180502-3-01? PHD offers seal kits for the minature rotaries along with all the other individual parts that make up the minature rotaries. You can download the Part''s List Catalog which will give you the parts breakdown for all standard PHD actuators. 5/16/2001
We use several AVRF 3/4 X 9-A-M cylinders. Are there optional seals or lubricants available that would increase the service life ? Depending on your application we may be able to extend the life of your cylinders by changing the seals, lubricant used, or other options. PHD offers application assistance through our Customer Service Department. A good place to start is the "Application Assistance Request" form which you can find online at, or call us at 800-624-8511 and we will send a copy by fax. This form asks some of the basic information that PHD engineers need to evaluate the requirements of your application. 5/16/2001
Can I power a Hall Effect switch with AC? No, it is a solid state switch. 5/8/2001
What is the temperature range of PHD switches? As a rule 32- 180° F
(0-80° C) You will need to verify this in the switch section of the PHD main catalog.
Is a magnetoresistive switch a Hall or a Reed Switch? Magnetoresistive is a solid state switch, which makes it a type of Hall Switch. 5/8/2001
What is the minimum Gauss reading of the different switches?

  • Hall Effect-120 Gauss

  • Reed-55 Gauss

  • Magnetoresistive-60 Gauss
What is the working principle of a set point module? It works under a progressive theory. As the gripper jaws close/rotary moves clockwise the voltage increases. This voltage is set with screws on the side of the set point module. Once the voltage is equal to or greater than the set voltage (set by you) the output goes high, then the next, and so on. Once the output goes high, it will remain high until the voltage drops below the set voltage. You have up to 4 settings per set point module. 5/8/2001
What is the temperature limitations of the magnets in PHD units? 180° F. This is based on the limitations of the switch. 5/8/2001
What is the difference between a Hall Effect switch and a Hall Effect Sensor? The sensor must be used with a set point module and a sensor cable. It is always on, it is not a binary device, it is an analog device. The switch is used with a target and does NOT need a set point module, it is either on or off. 5/8/2001
My AV Cylinder with a option M has a "Deadspot". If the customer can turn the piston rod of his AV cylinder and find a "deadspot" when the switch should be activated, the reed magnet segments may have been assembled incorrectly. 5/8/2001
How do I know to order a sinking or sourcing switch? This is based solely on the input of the PLC. Every PLC comes with a wiring diagram. 5/8/2001
How do I import PHD's IGES Surface files into my CAD system? PHD has documented a method for importing PHD's IGES surfaced drawings into the following CAD systems: Mechanical Desktop, Pro-E, Solid Edge, Solid Works. This information can be found under the support area of our web site.

In addition, PHD is currently working on a program that will allow you to download your file directly to the platform your are using. Check out our CAD File Options to see if the file you are looking for is currently in the list. You may need to refer to your CAD software's manual to see if IGES surface files are compatible and how to import them to your CAD platform.
How do you fill and bleed air/oil tandem cylinders? For help filling and bleeding an air/oil tandem cylinder Click Here for Animated Instructions 5/1/2001
Do you offer Solid Models of your products? Yes, we do offer Solid Models of our products. Please go to our online CAD Configurator for more information. 4/27/2001
How many working days to ship either a Series PNC or Series GRM Gripper 1 Working Day 4/1/2001
What do I need to consider when selecting a gripper? Part Shape
If the product has two opposing flats a two jaw gripper is normally used, if the part is cylindrical a three jaw is normally used but not required. Tooling can be designed in such a way as to accommodate cylindrical parts with a 2-jaw gripper.

Accessibility And Part Consistency
Angular grippers are usually lower in cost but the arcing motion of the jaws may require additional tooling clearance and will grip at varying points as part width varies, a parallel is simpler to tool to compensate for part size.

Part Weight
Grip force must be adequate to safely transport the part.

Orientation and Dimensions
Part orientation and distance from the gripper face will affect the gripper selection.

Nominal gripping dimension will indicate approximate gripper size.

Variation in gripping location or encapsulation will determine minimum gripper jaw travel.

Air Pressure
The air pressure at the gripper affects gripper sizing and must be taken into account.

Grip On Open Or Close
Grip force varies in each direction due to the effective area of the piston rod on some gripper types, verify that the gripping direction is taken into account in sizing.

Higher speeds and acceleration / deceleration will affect gripper selection.

Tooling Length
Longer tooling will induct bending moments in the gripper and affect sizing.

Product Retention
If part retention upon air loss is desired, springs or locking cams can be specified for the gripper.

In harsh environments special platings or materials may be specified.

Synchronous Operation
Most grippers provide synchronized jaw movement, in special circumstances independent jaw travel is desired and can be supplied by request.

Switching Options
Most grippers offer several switching options.

Tooling Configuration
If the part is encapsulated the required gripping force is lower than if it is grasped on flats only.
Can an escapement be modified to be double acting? Yes, however since the unit has internal communication holes, this product would need to be a custom product. You may want to use a LCS series in this condition. 11/4/1999
Can bumpers be added to an escapement? Yes they can be added. This unit would then become a Unique Solutions product. 11/4/1999
Can a longer stroke escapement be ordered? A longer stroke unit can be ordered but PHD recommends that it be quoted first. PHD also recommends quoting the unit in large quantities to keep the cost to a minimium. 11/4/1999
I want to increase the speed of my escapement. Even though my valve is big enough, when I increase the air pressure, it doesn't speed up. Always check to see if you are using the flow control option. If you are, PHD recommends that you replace the cap assembly with a plain cap assembly, which is easy to do in the field. 11/4/1999
What is backlash? Backlash is the amount of normal play between the rack and the pinion shaft. 11/4/1999
Can I get a 0180 series rotary actuator with more then 180 degrees? This is not available as a standard unit, but please contact your distributor or PHD's Customer Service Dept. for information on getting this as a Unique Solutions product. 11/4/1999
Must I put 20psi pressure on the reservoir tank on Tandem rotary actuators? Yes. If you do not, the oil will take the path of least resistance back up into the reservior and air will be drawn in from the other areas causing erratic rotation. 11/4/1999
Can I get rotations other than those published for the R11A / R21A series of rotary actuators? You may order rotations up to 1440 degrees and anywhere in between. 11/4/1999
How do I eliminate backlash in a R11 or R21 series rotary actuator? Order a double rack (2000,4000,6000 or 8000 series) actuator with the angle adjustment option. 11/4/1999
Can I put switch magnets on the Hydraulic Rotary Actuators? Yes. 5/6000 series derated to 1100psi and 7/8000 series at 500psi. 11/4/1999
What is the response time for the EGP? The response time is defined as the time it takes to close or open the jaws starting with the moment the PLC sends a signal. 12/7/1998
What keyway is on the 20mm RAS rotary actuator? A Woodruff keyway is used on the imperial units. The metric unit has a square slotted keyway. 3/11/1998
What is the Hysteresis/Band width on a GRC341-2-3001 gripper? The Hysteresis is approximately 0.075 inches and the Bandwidth is approximately 0.005 inches. 3/2/1998
Can I add a cushion option to a Tandem rotary actuator in the field? Yes. The pistons on the oil side would need to be changed out and needles and valves added, but it would be easy to do. The ball check is shared with the flow controls, so you don't need to add flow controls. The only difficulty you may encounter is the bleeding. 2/16/1998
Can I get a double rod gripper? Yes, you can get this as a Unique Solutions product and the body dimensions of the gripper may change. Please contact Customer Service for a quote. 2/13/1998
Your catalog says that I am limited on the stroke that I can order. Can I get a longer stroke? Yes. In most cases, our actuators can be ordered in longer than cataloged lengths. General rule of thumb is if the catalog says "consult PHD for longer lengths" then it's likely to be a standard. Otherwise, a custom product may be required. 2/11/1998
Does PHD offer a rotary that will ratchet around for numerous positions? Yes, you will need to order the unidirectional clutch option. Option -R for clockwise rotation and option -L for counterclockwise rotation. 2/10/1998
Is the transtorque used with the RL rotary capable of holding its position? Yes, it has been tested to meet the cycle life of the product that we use it with. 2/10/1998
Can PHD supply a non-synchronous gripper that compares to Robohand? Yes. We offer three standard grippers with the option of having non-synchronous jaws: the GRW, GRL, and GRR series grippers. 2/10/1998
Does PHD offer a miniature gripper for very small parts? PHD's smallest grippers are currently the 190/191 series and the 8400 series. 2/10/1998
What is the main difference between an AV series and an HV series cylinder? Other than one being air and the other being hydraulic, the main difference is that the seal groove is wider on a hydraulic piston than one on a pneumatic piston. Another difference is that in a hydraulic head assembly there is an extra bushing. 2/10/1998
Can you supply larger bore CRS cylinders, such as 3 to 5 inches? Our largest available bore for the CRS cylinder is currently 63mm. 2/9/1998
Can PHD supply the 3 jaw gripper with a thru hole extending thru the back? This option is not currently available as a standard product. Please contact Customer Service to see if this can be produced as a Unique Solutions product. 2/9/1998
What is the tolerance on the Y and D dimensions on the 190 series gripper jaws? Tolerance on the jaw dimensions Y and D are +-.010 inches. 2/9/1998
Can I get a full port option on a slide? Yes, however, please keep in mind that on some slides that incorporate a 1 3/8 bore cylinder, just by removing the flow control, full port is standard. 2/9/1998
Can I get a longer stroke than what is catalogued for a Multimotion? Yes, when you reach the 30 inch mark, PHD should be consulted to verify material availability. 2/9/1998
Can I eliminate backlash in the mid position of a 3 position rotary actuator? Not internally. You would have to use a shot pin or other external hardstop for zero backlash in the mid position. 2/9/1998
Can I get more than 2 positions on a RAS or RLS series rotary? This is not offered as a standard unit, however, it might be possible as a Unique Solutions product. Please contact your distributor or PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information. 2/6/1998
What is the lubrication used on a PHD medium duty cylinder when it is assembled? Magnalube - G, made by Saunders Ind. 2/5/1998
What is the lubrication used on a PHD CT or CR series cylinder? Magnalube -G on the piston seals and rod seals. 2/5/1998
Can I get a hollow rod through a double rod CR Cylinder? Yes, if concentricity is not a concern (using for a vacuum or liquid application) then it is possible. If concentricity is an issue, please consult PHD's Customer Service Department to get a quote on a Unique Solutions product. 1/29/1998
Can I get a fixed jaw gripper? Yes, PHD can provide a fixed jaw gripper as a Unique Solutions product. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information. 1/29/1998
Can I get shaft seal covers on a RAS or RLS series rotary? Yes, both can be done as a Unique Solutions product. Keep in mind that this will change the dimensions of the body. Please contact your distributor or PHD's Customer Service Dept. for a quote. 1/29/1998
Can I get zero backlash and cushion control on all positions of a 3 position rotary actuator? No, not as a standard unit. Zero backlash is available at ends of rotation by using the angle adjustments. The cushions are in the caps and are therefore only at ends of rotations. 1/29/1998
Can I get a 1-8000 Multimotion without backlash? Not as a standard unit. However, by modifying external tooling and incorporating a shot pin, zero backlash can be achieved. Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information. 1/29/1998
Can we get bellows (boots) on slides? Yes but it is not recommended by PHD. The trouble that PHD encounters is that different manufacturers of bellows have different hole patterns and thickness. A successful alternative is to use metallic rod scrapers. These last longer then bellows with no ripping or tearing. 1/27/1998
PHD does not catalog spring options on some grippers, are they still available? Even though we do not catalog spring options on some grippers, we can still incorporate it on numerous models. In order to quote this special feature, PHD needs specific information (ie. Length of tooling, speed, PSI, etc.). Please contact PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information. 1/27/1998
What is the displacement on GRM clamp? On the Size 3 (32mm) it is 1.43 cubic inches on both the rod and piston sides. On the Size 4 (40mm) it is 2.75 cubic inches. 1/23/1998
Why can't I get an O option on a double rack rotary (2000-8000) series? When ordering the port position number one option, you cannot get a fitting between the two racks. 1/23/1998
Can I get a tandem cylinder on a SE/SD slide? Yes. Please contact your local distributor or PHD's Customer Service Dept. for more information on this Unique Solutions product. 1/22/1998
Can PHD, Inc. make a double rod for a CRS6U Cylinder? Yes, PHD, Inc. can make this cylinder. If you order CRD6U this will give you the double rod unit, which will also be a standard unit. 1/22/1998
Can I get multiported grippers? Yes, however due to potential obstacles, this would be a Unique Solutions product. Contact PHD Customer Service or your local PHD distributor for specific information. 1/22/1998
Can I use switches with J or K brackets on CT/CR Cylinders? On a CR or CT cylinders using J or K brackets will interfere with switches. Use Magneto-resistive switches in these conditions, since the sensing area is smaller and the switch will not overhang the body. 12/18/1997
Can I power a hall effect switch with AC? No, since this is a solid state switch, an alternating current will ruin the switch. 9/15/1997
Is a magnetoresistive switch a hall or a reed switch? Magnetoresistive is a solid state switch which makes it a hall switch. 9/15/1997
Can a reed switch be used with AC/DC? Some reed switches can be used with either AC or DC. While others are dedicated to only AC or only DC. 9/15/1997
How much of a radius (bend) can a PHD cordset take? As a rule the maximum bend would be 10 times the diameter of the cordset. 9/15/1997
Can I use a reed switch on a 190 series gripper? Yes you can and the number for the switch is 55802-1-02. 9/15/1997
What gauge wire does a PHD cordset use? Cordset #63549-xx has a 28AWG wire. 1750 design 2 switches use a 24AWG wire. 9/15/1997
Is AVST a valid PHD, Inc. part number? This is no longer a valid valid part number. It is the predecessor to the H4 callout (cylinder section only) for SD/SE Slides. 8/25/1997
Can you get a steel tool plate on a T series slide? To get a steel tool plate on a T series slide you will need to add a -T option to your ordering data. 6/5/1997
What is the minimum stroke required for a 5580 switch? The minimum stoke would need to be .050 inch in order to turn the switch on and off. 1/9/1997

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