PHD Rebuild Program

A State-of-the-Art System to Save You Time and Money

Almost all PHD products are field-repairable, allowing your maintenance personnel to rebuild products at your facility. Otherwise, we can repair the product for you through our Rebuild Program.

Components returned to the Rebuild Program are completely disassembled and inspected. The necessary worn parts are replaced and the unit is cleaned, rebuilt, and tested. Then, it’s returned to you with a 12-month “like new” warranty.

Rebuilt Units offer the same PHD quality that you trust and expect, and are seamlessly placed back into service, reducing your total cost.

No-charge evaluations and quote for the repair
Products refurbished with all-new wear items
Save on training, workload, tool requirements, and space
Receive a 12-month “like-new” warranty
Fast and cost-effective in-house rebuilds
The same PHD quality that you trust and expect