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Swing Plate - Series TSP Tooling Components

Swing Plate


Swing Plate provides for the adjustment from the receiver to the gripper and simple combination of other modular tooling components, such as arm clamps and tubes, in parallel, perpendicular or rotational orientations. These designs offers multiple bolt patterns for versatility in the tooling systems. PHD provides assistance with your tri-axis press needs, whether it is individual components, system design, full build, implementation, or improvements to existing operations.


Solves the problem of close to center adjustments. This simple design delivers adjustable mounting from the receiver to the gripper when combined with the Swing Plate Mount (TSPM) and other modular tooling components. Tri-axis Tooling Components combined with the industry-leading PHD Series GRM family of automated sheet metal handling clamps now provide a total solution delivering superior performance to your high-speed tri-axis transfer presses.


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