Series GRV Angular Gripper

Series GRH Parallel Gripper


Series GRV-5-20x40-L11-UB99-GR9 Angular Pneumatic Gripper and Pneu-Connect® combination is a cost-effective system providing seamless pneumatic end-effector integration for collaborative robots. The GRV Gripper provides high precision, moment capacity, and grip force in a small, rugged package. The system easily attaches to the robot arm with the Pneu-Connect® which features embedded directional control valves for control of an end-effector through the robot’s tool port. Additionally, Click & Grip Adjustable Tooling kits provide a fast finger configuration and reconfiguration, providing limited compliance and adjustment for a wide variety of part sizes and shapes.


The power density of pneumatics allows for a superior performance to weight ratio when compared to some electric alternatives. This inherent property allows for lighter, non-payload robbing end-effectors, ideal for robotic applications. Additionally, when properly controlled, the compressibility of air provides intrinsically safe, back-drivable actuation capability.

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