Series ESK/ESL linear-slides

Series ESK/ESL Electric Thruster Slide

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Series ESK/ESL Electric Thruster Slides feature the option of a short or long body and are powered by PHD’s ECVA ball screw or lead screw electric cylinders. These cantilever slides provide best in class load carrying capability resulting in smooth operation over longer travels with minimal deflection. Your Motor, Your Way provides additional flexibility in motor options and includes both inline and foldback mounting. Precision ball screw or lead screw models are offered in two lead configurations per size, optimized for speed or thrust performance. Series ESK/ESL Slides are designed for versatile all-around linear performance with a wide assortment of options.


High performance design while providing user the choice of motor brand and type desired. Cylinder is available in a precision ball screw or lead screw models providing exceptional thrust and speed capability or a lower cost option. Combination of precision ground shafts and ball bushings provide superb support and rigidity of attached loads. Additionally, the lead screw models offer a total of five sizes for a wider range of applications.


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