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PHD FLEXION is an innovation in gripping technology inspired by the ultimate gripper: the human hand. The act of bending a finger – anatomically defined as flexion -- gives the human hand a vast range of ability and adaptability. When actuated, FLEXION’s multiple joints perform as a human finger to conform and encapsulate a part or grip it by the fingertips. Adjustment of the operating pressure allows for a wide working range of usable force, providing industrial strength for demanding applications or a delicate touch for soft and sensitive product handling.


This uniquely configurable system consists of finger modules situated on either a parallel or radial gripper hub. Modules can be mounted in arrays of one to five fingers in each position for adaptability offering an unmatched level of versatility and fulfilling a wide range of application requirements. Additionally, each finger can be equipped with two switches to sense positions providing feedback to controls. The system supports ISO 9409 mounting standards, mounting directly to most robots on the market.

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