UR+ Certified Pneu-Connectâ„¢ by PHD

UR+ Certified Pneu-Connect™ by PHD

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PHD, Inc. is proud to present a new accessory for seamless integration of pneumatic end effectors and collaborative robots.

Pneu-Connect is a pneumatic end-effector system that provides seamless integration for Universal Robot and other collaborative robots at a third of the price of its electrical equivalents.

Pneu-Connect is easy to attach and control a pneumatic end effector to a Universal Robot utilizing on-board MAC directional control valves, requiring only a single air line and the tool port of the robot. The Pneu-Connect package includes the end-effector, a cuff that connects directly to the robot arm and “UR CAP” software—an application specific to the Universal Robot.

The CAP runs within the UR control software which provides a graphical interface, making programming and set-up through the UR Teach Pendant a breeze.

Pneu-Connect and the appropriate end-effector provide discrete and analog sensing capability that can communicate jaw position or part identification directly to the robot interface. The long travel parallel Series GRH gripper is a user-friendly, cost-effective example of this functionality.

The power density of pneumatics allows for a superior performance-to-weight ratio when compared to some electric alternatives. This allows for lighter, non-payload robbing end-effectors, ideal for robotic applications. When properly controlled, the compressibility of air provides intrinsically safe, back-drivable actuation capability.

The PHD Pneu-Connect system provides seamless, cost-effective end-effector integration that is easy to implement in your robotic applications. Visit phdinc.com for more information on this UR Plus certified and Rethink Click smart compatible accessory. 

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