Aluminum Smelting Equipment

Aluminum Smelting Equipment - the aluminum smelting process consumes a high volume of electricity. You can cut your energy costs by reducing your air consumption. PHD designs cylinders that are specifically for aluminum smelting, utilizing proprietary cushion and seal technology for air savings and long life.

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2" Bore Feeder Cylinder - ML310261
  • Robust design for long life
  • Drop-in replacement of OEM feeder
  • Feeds alumina on modern pot technology
  • Available with switching technology

  • Tags: "Smelting" "Feeder"
4" Bore Crust Breaker Cylinder - ML311325
  • Drop-in 5" bore for greater thrust
  • Unique seals and rod bushing for high temperature and low friction
  • Designed for older pot technology found in the United States

  • Tags: "Smelting" "Crust breaker"
8" Bore Crust Breaker Cylinder - ML311167
  • Rugged design
  • 80% air savings potential
  • Will not ingest alumina dust
  • Onboard valve-manifold eliminates external pneumatic communications
  • Unique seals and rod bushing for high temperature and low friction
  • Designed for the latest AP Technology

  • Tags: "Smelting" "Crust breaker"

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