Design and Customize Your Product in 7 Easy Steps

We empower automation by providing the tools and resources you need to customize a solution tailored to your industry or application requirements.

We've broken down the design process into seven easy steps. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Application Assistance team for support.

Step 1

Initial Product Selection

Not sure where to begin? View products by industry or explore our online Lit Store to access in-depth product information. If you need help identifying the right product for your application, reach out to our Application Assistance team or your local distributor.

Step 2

Engineering Requirements

Next, using our Sizing App, answer questions about your application to find the specific product that meets your exact requirements.

Step 3

Concept Design

After you've selected and sized your product using our Sizing App, use our CAD App to configure accurate PHD part numbers that include options and accessories. CAD models can be generated in your preferred format and downloaded from your browser or emailed to you.

Step 4


Now that you have an accurate PHD part number and CAD model of your desired product, you're able to request a quote. Within the CAD App, at the bottom of the configurator page, you'll see the option to “Get a Quote.” Click the button to send a quote request email to your local distributor.

Step 5

Verify Product Requirements

At this stage, you've sized and configured your product, and requested a distributor quote. Now, we recommend verifying your product requirements through the Sizing App and CAD App once more. If you decide to make changes — adding options, for example, or even updating the size of the product — a new part number and CAD models can be generated to be re-quoted by your distributor.

Step 6


You can now purchase your product through your local distributor, who will submit the order to us.

Step 7

Build and Deliver

Once we receive your order from the distributor, we'll automatically schedule its production and keep your distributor updated on its status via our distributor portal. We're known industry-wide for exceptional delivery, with some units shipping in as little as one working day. You can view our shipping guide for delivery estimates for most standard PHD products or contact your local distributor or our Customer Service team to confirm delivery on critical requirements.