PHD Custom Solutions Case Study

An Advanced Volumetric Pump

Ideal for Filling Viscous Materials Based on Precise Volume

Volumetric pumps fill based on a precise volume regardless of pressure, flow, and time, and are ideal for filling viscous materials like personal hygiene products, detergents, oils, and Plastisol. Because of this, volumetric pumps are typically used by manufacturers in the personal care, condiment, health care, pharmaceuticals, lubricant, and food processing industries.

An Easily Adjustable Pump Manufactured from Food Grade Materials

A PHD customer required a volumetric pump that could dispense different amounts of product and be quickly and easily adjusted and disassembled for cleaning. Additionally, the parts of the pump that came into contact with the fluids to be dispensed had to be manufactured from food grade materials.

A Customized Volumetric Pump that Meets All Requirements

Our Custom Products team developed the Quick Change Volumetric Pump to meet our customer’s requirements. The rod end is equipped with an easy-to-use volume adjustment collar and a lock nut, and the reservoir tank is constructed of clear plastic that allows for visual confirmation of proper actuation. The removable dispensing piston is also stainless: corrosion-resistant and designed for autoclave. These features combined to make the exact solution the customer needed.

Benefits of Our Quick Change Volumetric Pump
Key benefits of our customized Quick Change Volumetric Pump include:
  • Faster filling change-over, increasing production
  • Easy adjustment for accurate filling and reduced need for other pumps
  • Modular design for easy cleaning, eliminating potential contamination
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We understand that every filling application can be different. Our Quick Change Volumetric Pumps can be produced in a wide variety of materials to match the environment, such as stainless steel, PET, PEEK, Ertalyte (FDA-approved plastic), aluminum, and nickel-plated aluminum. We also have pump designs for a wide range of volumes - from a few millimeters up to a liter.

Other options for further customization include:
  • The ability to match seal materials as needed
  • Stroke/volume adjustments
  • Quick change interfaces

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