PHD Custom Solutions Case Study

A New Solution in Blow Molding

Removing Defected Preforms and Bottles in a High-Speed Environment

Plastic bottle blow molding machines produce at a very high speed. To ensure quality and line stoppage, the preforms and bottles that have defects need to be removed from their respective stage of the process before the finished bottles can move on to filling or palletization.

Typical Actuators Cannot Perform at the Required Speed

Because the machines run at an incredibly high continuous speed, the eject actuator must also be able to push the preform or blown bottle into a reject bin without obstructing the other preforms or bottles in the line. A typical actuator cannot perform at this speed and may not be rugged enough to withstand the kinetic energy caused by the high-speed extend and retract motions. This can result in disrupting the line and prematurely failing.

Our Solution
A Customized Slide for Better Results and Longer Life

Our Sales and Engineering teams along with our distributor in the territory consulted with the customer. After determining the speed, force, and kinetic energy required, our Custom Products team went to work developing a unit to deliver the expected results.

Each machine comes with one unit on the in-feed and out-feed table. The slide is used to reject all the damaged, misplaced preform and bottles to a side shoot; it comes with a ready-to-use MAC valve mounted directly to the unit, as well as dual durometer shock pads for kinetic energy control and longer life. Other features of our high-speed eject slide include drop-in in replacement for easy integration and superior delivery over OEM products.


Benefits of Our High-Speed Preform and Bottle Eject Slides

Key benefits of our customized high-speed eject slides include:

  • Yearly cost savings due to increased life cycle
  • Decreased chance of failure, increasing machine uptime
  • Decreased risk of product contamination on the outside of the filled bottles

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