• PHD Founded

    The Pneumatic Hydraulic Development Co., Inc. was founded by Harry A. Neff, Jim Neff, Tom Neff, Jack Neff, Dick Futter, and Dan Flickinger. The Tom Thumb®cylinder was developed in a garage in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • Our First Move

    The company moved from the downtown garage to a large facility near Fort Wayne International Airport.

  • Specialty Products Developed

    The company moved from the downtown garage to a large facility near Fort Wayne International Airport.

  • Huntington, Indiana Expansion

    The company acquired its own machining facility in Huntington, Indiana, to keep quality high and costs reasonable.

  • We Are PHD

    The company officially adopted PHD, Inc. as its name.

  • Still Growing!

    PHD bought land at Clubridge Drive for expansion and growth. The Technical & Training Center was built and housed administration and light assembly.

  • Taking Hold

    With the addition of the Parts Handler, Miniature Rotary Actuators, Hall Effect Switches, Grippers, and the first Ready Slide, PHD became a significant player in the modular automation industry.

  • Product Additions

    190 Grippers, GRB & GRC Grippers, SA Slides, SD & SE Slides, and Escapements were developed.

  • Worldwide Expansion

    PHD expanded by establishing PHD GmbH in Germany to support the European market.The new PHD administration building was built on Clubridge Drive in Fort Wayne.

  • Product Development Continues

    Compact Round Cylinders, RA Rotary Actuators, GRD Grippers, CE Rodless Cylinders, and Emax®products were released.

  • ISO-9002 Certified

    The manufacturing facilities became ISO-9002 certified.

  • Get Online!

    phdinc.com was established.

  • Electronic Tools Created

    The first Designer’s Resource CD was released, providing customers with an electronic catalog, CAD generation, and sizing software.

  • Additions and Renovations

    The administration building saw renovation and the Huntington facility constructed a 40,000 square foot addition.

  • Clamp Division Created

    The Clamp Division was established to focus on the automotive stamping automation market.

  • New Manufacturing Facility

    PHD built a state-of-the-art 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility on Clubridge Drive. The move from the original plant took place over a weekend and production went uninterrupted.

  • MDN Commitment

    PHD committed to an alignment with the MAC Distributor Network (MDN). A distributor support website was launched for checking order status.

  • CAD Configurator

    The new online CAD Configurator with solid models and over 80 CAD formats became available.

  • Plastic Packaging Components Group

    The Plastic Packaging Components Group was launched and PHD added Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for automatic order entry providing increased order processing speed.

  • New Acquisitions

    PHD acquired Rankin Corporation which holds the master distribution rights for Yamaha Robotics in North America.

  • Time to Learn

    PHD unveiled the Learn website, dedicated to product knowledge, application designs, and guided tours of eTools.

  • Go Electric

    The PHD Plus™ (electromechanical) product line was released as well as the Your Motor, Your Way process.

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