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Quality Policy

PHD, Inc. has established itself as a manufacturer of modular automation devices by providing a broad line of reliable, cost effective, quality products that enhance productivity.

We are committed to providing our customers with what they need, when they need it. This is accomplished by our focus on the needs of the customer, and continually improving the effectiveness of our organization and the quality of our products.
Management Responsibility


"The way we did it yesterday, no matter how good it was, is not good enough for today and not nearly good enough for tomorrow. We have to evolve continually to become and remain an effective organization. We must not merely be better able to respond to such changes as are all about us and continue to be forthcoming, but we must play a positive role in being shapers of such change. In so doing, we must become players because the role of spectator simply adds nothing to our cause. In sum, we have learned that we can and must take the initiative."


"Work Hard, Work Smart, Make Money, Have Fun!"


"PHD creates and markets solutions for industrial automation worldwide by offering cost effective, innovative, quality automation products and services that enhance productivity."


  • Deliver a product that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations.
  • Provide our customer with the highest quality products and services, at the greatest value.
  • Pursue and encourage the attitude, "Do it right the first time."

Customer Requirements

Our commitment to excellence in product, service, support, and customer training can be summarized by our driving force. "PHD will provide you what you want when you want it". This philosophy is evident throughout all areas of the company and our distribution channels.

  • Product Design - Through surveys and market research, the voice of the customer is paramount in all PHD product designs.
  • Customer Service- Servicing our customers is priority one in all areas of the corporation.
  • MDN Distribution Network - Worldwide network of distribution partners ensures 24/7 local support and expertise wherever your company or equipment is located.
  • Superior Delivery - Industry leading 1-3 day delivery on most products.
  • Engineering Software - PHD's engineering software provides powerful design and selection tools. This software eliminates risk and simplifies the design process and component selection, while offering significant timesavings
  • PHD Unlimited - UNIQUE SOLUTIONS - Unique applications require unique products. Our PHD Unlimited Group welcomes design opportunities regardless of quantity or frequency of order.
Resource Management

PHD invests heavily in our technology and human resources. This ongoing investment ensures high quality products, and fast delivery while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

  • Over 200 highly trained and skilled employees
  • New manufacturing facility constructed in 2000
  • Doubled size of machining plant in 1998
  • Investment in newest machining technology and proprietary fixtures. Average age of machines is 5 years
Product Realization

Bringing customer's product needs from concept to realization uses PHD's extensive Engineering tools and resources including:

  • State of the art CAD and electronic documentation system provides fast and accurate product designs.
  • Finite Element Analysis software greatly enhances speed to market, product integrity, and quality.
  • Complete product design validation and life testing ensures maximum product performance.
Continual Improvement of the Quality Management System

"The way we did it yesterday, no matter how good it was, is not good enough for today and not nearly good enough for tomorrow". In support of this corporate philosophy, we employ a wide variety of initiatives to support increased efficiencies, improve methods, and reduce costs.

  • Kaizen projects on-going
  • Assembly Cell Champions continually improve processes
  • Product Audits assure quality
  • Documentation Review process assures quality documents are current
Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is front and center throughout the organization. PHD takes pride in our past performance and provides a variety of tools and procedures to ensure our customer's business experience is the best possible.

  • Warranty returns of 0.4% or less on a 6 month moving average
  • 98.5% on-time delivery goal on order shipments
  • Customer field support through the MDN Distributor Network and/or factory personnel
  • All customer complaints investigated
  • On-line order tracking capability provides real time order status
  • Address issues with our direct line to Quality Department
Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement
  • All units are validated for performance prior to shipment
  • Product audits ensure conformance to product requirements
  • Automated test benches
  • Extensive use of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)
  • All equipment calibrated to NIST standards
  • Establishment of Engineering Standards ensure continuity
  • Continual process improvement
  • ISO 9001 Certified
Certified Quality Management System

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