Series GRW 80mm

Product Description:

The 80mm GRW Gripper has built-in metallic scrapers for guide and piston rod which protect the gripper from external contaminants.   Unit is ideal for applications operating in the harshest environments (i.e., sand, high temperatures, water rinsing, etc.)


Unit Features:

Unit Weight 80 lbs 37 kg
Maximum Air Pressure 150 psi 10 bar
Minimum Air Pressure 60 psi 4.2 bar
Total Grip Force @ 87 psi 1279 lbs with Spring Assist 5693 N with Spring Assist
Total Grip Force - Spring Only 300 lbs 1334 N
Bore 80 mm
Total Jaw Travel 100 mm
Maximum Operating Temp. 400° F 204°C

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