Interactive Design Process

What You Need... When You Need It

Competitive advantage in manufacturing is what PHD offers to you when you specify PHD as your automation components supplier. Since 1957, PHD has developed and manufactured a wide range of actuators, grippers, and accessories providing solutions for industrial automation. Our commitment to excellence in product, service, and support can be summarized by our driving force. "PHD will provide you what you need, when you need it."

Following the design process will help you gather information quickly for your initial design. Our Online Sizing will narrow your solution choices to the best product choice. Our online CAD Configurator will help you quickly obtain the proper ordering data and allow you to download a CAD drawing. Contact your local MDN distributor for a quote and once you place your order, PHD has the fastest delivery in the industry.

PHD has created an interactive guide that breaks down a typical design process into seven easy steps. Each step details what electronic tools are available to make the design process faster, easier and more productive. Click on the View Interactive Design Process link below to better understand how the PHD Advantage – Shorten your Design Process can work for you.

From Initial Design to placing a PHD solution into production, PHD is providing you with what you need, when you need it. Continue through the 7 steps of the Design Process by clicking a link below.

Click on a link below to view more information on any of the seven steps of the Design Process Guide.