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Online CAD Configurator

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Your time is valuable! To save you time, PHD's Online CAD Configurator allows you to quickly select the specific PHD products to fit your automation needs. The Online CAD Configurator gives you the ability to retrieve CAD models of PHD products in a variety of CAD formats and the flexibility to manipulate the geometry to show different positions in your design.

  • Select from a large variety of Native and Neutral CAD formats including AutoCAD®, Unigraphics®, Solidworks®, Solidedge®, Catia®, Pro-E®, IDEAS® and many more.
  • Native CAD formats are drawn as assemblies to allow you to use features from your CAD system to easily manipulate the geometry.
  • Options and accessories like switches, shocks, and other mountings can be drawn into the CAD model.
  • Request CAD models in Open/Extend or Closed/Retract positions.
  • Configurator ensures that the proper PHD ordering data is generated and handles compatibility in real-time.
  • Briefcase option allows you to select multiple CAD models of PHD products at one time.
  • Preview configured part with selected options and accessories.
  • CAD models usually generated in less than five minutes.
  • Download CAD models directly from your browser or have them emailed.
  • Graphical configurator selection allows you to select options by graphic to generate valid ordering data.
  • Email option now offers HTML version.

Available CAD Formats